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Feb 15

Business Ads from 1904 Willshire Herald

Karen’s Chatt is up and running again, after some website and server upgrades. The website looks the same from the outside but the inner workings are much improved and working quite well.

Feb 01

Personal Items from 1904 Willshire Herald

I am still getting information from the 5 May 1904 edition of the Willshire Herald that my great-grandfather Louis J. Schumm saved. The Willshire Herald was the predecessor of today’s Photo Star. Years ago local newspapers included personal items—information that included some of the happenings around the neighborhood–what the neighbors were doing, who visited who, …

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Jan 25

Why Was This 1904 Newspaper Saved?

Below is a photo of the front page of the Thursday, May 5th 1904 issue of the Willshire Herald. I found the 8-page newspaper among some Schumm papers and I speculate that my maternal great-grandfather Louis J. Schumm (1851-1938) saved the paper. His son, my grandpa Cornelius, would have only been about 8 years old …

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May 29

Some Newsy Items from The Willshire Herald

News and social items in old newspapers can provide all sorts of information for your family history as well as information that is just plain interesting to read. Here are a few items I found recently. Some social news: Willshire Young Miss Weds Decatur Young Man Secretly Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Reece learned last Saturday …

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Jan 16

1940—Willshire High School Excels in Basketball and Academics

Willshire High School was known for its successful basketball teams. They even traveled to state tournaments several times. And the students were smart, too! The following is an article about the celebration banquet held for the members of the Willshire Bearcats basketball team who played at the state basketball tournament in Columbus, Ohio, on 15 …

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