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Dec 22

Dear Mom & All–WWII Letters from Herb (part 11)

Below are some more letters that my dad, Herbert Miller, wrote home during his Army basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama’s IRTC [Infantry Replacement Training Center] and when he was waiting to be shipped out to Europe in WWII. After finishing his basic training he came home on furlough in November 1944. It seems that …

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Oct 20

Dear Mom & All–WWII Letters from Herb (part 2)

Continuing on with the letters my dad wrote home during his induction and basic training. My dad, Herbert Miller, was 18 years old in 1944 when he volunteered for the draft. He had graduated from Willshire High School the year before. He spent 2 days at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio, for his pre-induction physical in …

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Nov 15

Letters From a WWII Soldier

Yesterday I started sorting through the World War II letters my dad wrote and sent to my Aunt Em and her husband decades ago. A few weeks ago Em’s family gave me the stack of letters that had been stored away in Em’s attic all those years. I plan to eventually transcribe them all, but …

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Nov 09

WWII Letter from Germany

He grew up during the Great Depression. He was a security guard, electrician and farmer and could fix just about anything. He was a good, honest man, one of the Greatest Generation and a US Army Veteran. And he was my dad. In remembrance of Veterans Day I have transcribed a letter that my dad, …

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