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Tombstone Tuesday–John F. (Bahn) Trisel

John F, adopted son of Henry Trisel, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. (2011 photo by Karen)

John F, adopted son of Henry Trisel, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. (2011 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of John F., the adopted son of Henry Trisel, located in row 3 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

John F.
Adopted Son of
Henry Trisel
Sept. 9, 1876
11 ys.  4 ms.

Who was this young man? There is no death or burial record for John F. Trisel in Zion Chatt’s records.

Zion Chatt’s records give a little information about the Trisel family who adopted him. Henry and Elizabeth Trisel and some of their children attended Zion Lutheran in Chattanooga at one time.

Some Trisel burials are recorded at Zion Chatt but they are not all buried in Zion’s cemetery. Henry Trisel, his wife Elizabeth (Feldmann), their sons Jacob August and Otto F., as well as Otto’s wife Dellie M. are all buried at East Bethel Cemetery, about two miles down the road from the farm the Trisels once owned and lived on.

The Trisels mentioned in the church records:
Elizabeth Barbara Trisel, daughter, born 16 May 1874, baptized at Zion Chatt on 7 June 1874
Jacob August Trisel, son, died 24 September 1888
Mrs. Elizabeth Trisel, nee Feldmann, died 2 May 1917

Another church record entry indicates that Heinrich “Tresser” transferred from the Roman Catholic Church on 19 May 1872. This may be the same person although the spelling is off. The records also indicate that his wife Elizabeth’s maiden name was Feldmann.

Henry Trisel and his wife Elizabeth were both German immigrants. Some accounts indicate that they married [1865] and lived in Hamilton County, Ohio, before moving to Mercer County. In Mercer County Henry purchased 80 acres of land in Section 29 of Blackcreek Township, a little over a mile northeast of Chatt. His farm was located on what is now route 707, about ½ mile east of route 49, on the north side of the road. The name was spelled Treusal in the 1888 Mercer County plat map.

But who was John F., the adopted son of Henry Trisel?

There is a burial entry in Zion Chatt’s records of a young man and that record nearly matches this tombstone inscription. The death and burial entry is for Johann Friedrich Bahm, who died 19 September 1876 at the age of 11 years, 5 months, and 9 days. That is all that was written.

The information in the church records does not match the tombstone inscription exactly, but it is very close.

Is it just a coincidence? Or were these two young men one and the same? Was this adopted boy John F. Bahm?

Also interesting is the name written on the bottom of Henry Trisel’s Civil War Pension index card–John Bahn. Who was John Bahn and why is his name on the bottom of the card? [1]

Henry Trisel Civil War Pension

Henry Trisel Civil War Pension

Bahm? Bahn? The names are very close.

I keep digging.

Eliza Feldman married Johann Bahn on 24 July 1864 in Greenup, Kentucky, [2] which would have been about 10 months before the birth of John F., the adopted son.

The Civil War was in progress. There were several John Bahns in the Civil War and I looked at the one from Ohio. He enlisted as a private in Company H, 183rd Ohio Infantry on 26 September 1864. He was a POW and mustered out on 27 April 1865 and was on the Steamer Sultana. He did not survive the war. [3] How tragic to survive the Civil War and a POW camp, but in the end, on the way home, to perish on the Sultana.

It appears that today’s subject was the biological son of Civil War veteran John Bahn, but I am not absolutely one hundred percent sure. It all seems to fit together. Elizabeth Feldman married John Bahn. John went off to war and Elizabeth was pregnant. John was killed on the Sultana about a month before their son Jon was born. Elizabeth married Henry Trisel in 1865 and Henry adopted John. The son John died in Mercer County and Zion Chatt’s records give his surname [birth name] as John F. Bahm. His tombstone shows his name as John F., the adopted son of Henry Trisel.

As is often the case, more research is needed.


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Mar 25

Electrical Wiring by Reef & Miller

See W.J. REEF or HERBERT MILLER, one mile north of Chattanooga, OH., to road 707 then west to first and second house. All types of wiring including central distribution for farm homes and power…emergency calls 24 hours a day. Free estimates.

Pre-1957 local newspaper ad.

Pre-1957 local newspaper ad.

I found this undated newspaper clipping the other day. It would have been published before 1957 because it mentions the first and second houses west of 49 on 707. Before my parents built their stone house in 1957 they lived on the other corner of the intersection, in a house they rented from Johnny and Clara Reef. Note that there is no phone number listed on the ad. I don’t know about Johnny and Clara, but it was many years after that before my parents had a phone.

Wavil Jennings “Johnny” Reef was born 13 June 1901 near Bryant, Indiana. His given name was Wavil Jennings but nearly everyone called him Johnny. Sometimes he went by W.J. Reef. Johnny married my great-aunt Clara Miller in 1925.

Wavil "Johnny Reef (1901-1964)

Johnny Reef (1901-1964)

Johnny and Clara lived just down the road from where I grew up and I remember them very well. Until I was about six years old we lived next door to them, with just a small field in between the two houses. When I was a toddler I used to run down to their house to see their daughter Cindy. I have seen those old home movies and I ran right down 707 to get to their house.

Johnny was a farmer and he was also the local electrician and my dad worked with him. I’m sure that Johnny was a mentor to my dad. Johnny and my dad wired a lot of homes and barns in the area and they put up many night lights on area farms. Johnny did the electrical wiring for my parents’ new home in 1957 and I would guess that my dad worked with him on that job. Anyone who remembers Johnny knows that he was just plain ornery.

Johnny Reef wiring a night light on the Miller farm.

Johnny Reef wiring a night light on the Miller farm.

I am not sure how long Johnny and my dad worked together. Johnny passed away on 6 June 1964. My dad continued to do electrical work and called his small business H.M. Miller Electric. While going through papers and photos I had hoped to find some paperwork with his business header but the only thing I have found so far is this pen with the inscription, Compliments of H.M. Miller Electric.

Compliments of H.M. Miller Electric

Compliments of H.M. Miller Electric

Compliments of H.M. Miller Electric

Compliments of H.M. Miller Electric

Mar 22

Tombstone Tuesday–Stanley L. Regedanz

Stanley L Regedanz, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. (2015 photo by Karen)

Stanley L Regedanz, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. (2015 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Stanley L. Regedanz, located in row 4 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Stanley L.
Son of
Wm & O.A.
Feb. 24, 1910
Mar. 11, 1910

Stanley Lemoyne Regedanz was born in Ohio, probably at the Regedanz home in Blackcreek Township, on 24 February 1910, the first child born to William John and Ona Alice (Johnson) Regedanz. He was baptized on 11 March 1910, with Mrs. Regedanz as his baptismal sponsor.

Stanley’s parents married 26 February 1909 in Mercer County, Ohio. His father William was born in Hopewell Township in about 1885 to Henry and Emma (Wenker) Regedanz. His mother Ona was born in Washington Township, Mercer County, Ohio, on 27 Feb 1888 to Frank and (unknown) Johnson, as written on their marriage license. [1]

William and Ona attended Zion Chatt for a few years and it was during that time that Ona was baptized and confirmed as an adult. Two of their children, Stanley and Clifford, were also baptized there.

Stanley died of pemphigus on 11 March 1910, at the age of 14 days. Pemphigus is skin disease where watery blisters or sores form on the skin and/or mucus membranes. [2]

Stanley Regedanz Death Certificate

Stanley Regedanz Death Certificate

Zion’s records indicate that Stanley was 16 days old and was buried on the 12th.

About a month after Stanley’s death William and Ona were enumerated in the 1910 census. They were living in Blackcreek Township and they had been married a year. The census indicates they had no children, but their only child had just died. William was 25 and Ona 22 years old. Both were born in Ohio and William farmed. They lived near John Leistner, Fred Wick, and Henry Secrest. [3]

William and Ona went on to have nine more children. They had a stillborn male child on 21 May 1911. He was born premature and is also buried in Zion Chatt’s cemetery. [4]

Their other children:
Inez (c1915)
Clifford Vernon (1916-1947)
Glenn F (c1920)
Forest E. (1925-1993)
Bernice L (c1924)
Ralph E. (1926-1974)
Herbert Leon (1928-1991)

William Regedanz died in 1980 and Ona died in 1977. Both are buried in Mercer Memory Gardens, near Celina.


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Mar 18

Photos of Louis J. Schumm (1851-1938)

I am still going through my mom’s photos and I continue to find photos that I have not seen before.

I have several photos of my great-grandfather Louis J. Schumm but I have never seen a photo of him this young. In the photo below are brothers Louis J. Schumm and John Charles Schumm. The photo was taken by Rank Brothers in Van Wert, Ohio, where they claimed “large work a specialty.”

Louis J & John C Schumm, brothers.

Louis J & John C Schumm, brothers.

My great-grandfather was christened Ludwig John Schumm but went by the name of Louis or Louis J. He was born in Van Wert County, Ohio, on 26 April 1851 to George Ludwig “Louis” and Anna “Barbara” (Pflueger) Schumm, both of whom were immigrants. Louis married Sarah H. Breuninger on 8 February 1883 and Louis died 5 April 1938 in Van Wert County.

Louis’ brother John Christian Schumm was born 29 December 1849 in Van Wert County and married Wilhelmina “Minnie” Breuninger on 18 November 1880. John died 12 January 1926.

Yes, the two brothers married sisters, daughters of Louis and Mary (Sekel) Breuninger. Both sisters were born in Wisconsin.

Here is a photo of Louis J. Schumm, his son Cornelius Louis, and Cornelius’ three daughters, Amy, Florence, and Esther. My mom is the little girl on the right, standing in front of her father Cornelius.

Amy, Esther, Louis, Florence, Cornelius (c1935)

Amy, Esther, Louis, Florence, Cornelius (c1935)

Below are a couple more photos of Louis J. Schumm, taken when he was older.

Louis J Schumm (1851-1938)

Louis J Schumm (1851-1938)

Louis J Schumm (1851-1938)

Louis J Schumm (1851-1938)

The final photo is Louis J. Schumm standing near the huge sculptured evergreens that were in and bordered their front yard.

Louis J Schumm in their front yard.

Louis J Schumm in his front yard.


Mar 15

Tombstone Tuesday-Philip Stump

Liberty (aka Kessler) Cemetery, Liberty Township, Mercer County, Ohio

Liberty (aka Kessler) Cemetery, Liberty Township, Mercer County, Ohio

The church records of Zion Lutheran Church, Chattanooga, Ohio, indicate that Philip Stump is buried in Kessler, aka Liberty Cemetery, but no tombstone exists for him at this time. Perhaps there is a marker in the cemetery that is not readable. Perhaps he never had a tombstone.

But since I have been focusing my Tombstone Tuesdays on the Hiller family that once lived in the area I want to finish with this family and provide the additional information I have about them from Zion Chatt’s records.

According to Zion Chatt’s records Philip Stump [sometimes spelled Stumpf in the church records] was born 24 May 1829 in Rittershausen, Dominion of Grafkastell, Districts Unterfranken and Aschaffenburg, in the Kingdom of Bavaria, where he was also baptized.

Philip was the son of Erasmus and Maria “Mary” Margaretha (Müller) Stump. His mother Mary was born in 1800 in Rittershausen, the daughter of Conrad and Dorothy Müller.

Erasmus Stump and Mary Müller married in about 1828 and had three children–Phillip, Catherine, and Gertrude. Erasmus died in 1838 and later that year Philip’s mother Mary (Müller) married John Hiller, the son of Johann and Margaretha Hiller. John Hiller was born in Bavaria in 1805.

In 1839 John and Mary Hiller, along with Mary’s three children from her marriage to Erasmus Stump, immigrated to America. [1]

John and Mary Hiller and the three Stump children lived in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio, for eight years. Philip Stump was confirmed there during that time. Also during their time in Butler County two sons were born to John and Mary (Müller) Hiller, half-brothers to Philip: Jacob Hiller (1842-1926) and George Hiller (1846-1932).

Philip’s sister Gertrude Stump died in 1846, likely just before the family moved north to the Chatt area in about 1847. The Hillers moved to Adams County, Indiana, and resided a few miles from Chattanooga, where they attended Zion Lutheran Church.

In 1850 the Hillers lived in Jefferson Township, Adams County, Indiana. In the household: John Hiller, 48, a weaver; Margaret, 45; Jacob, 8; and George, 4. I do not know where Philip and his sister Catherine were residing in 1850.

According to Zion’s records Philip Stump married Barbara (Geisler) Adams in 1859, but Mercer County, Ohio, probate records indicate that they actually married 12 December 1858. Barbara’s name is shown as Adam in the church records and as Adams on their marriage record. Interestingly, they were married by Rev. J.D. Gackenheimer, Zion’s first minister, a traveling minister who served several churches in the Mercer and Van Wert area. [2]

Barbara Geisler was the daughter of Michael and Usele Geisler and was born 4 October 1835 in the District Oberfranken, in the Kingdom of Bavaria. She immigrated with her parents in 1849. Barbara married Heinrich Adams on 4 February 1858 in Van Wert County [3] and Heinrich died in 1859, according to Zion’s records.

Barbara and Heinrich had a daughter Margaretha, born 29 December 1858 in Mercer County.

In 1860 Philip and Barbara Stump lived in Jefferson Township, Adams County, Indiana: Philip, 30, Barbara, 25, Margaret, 1. This census indicates that Philip and Barbara were both born in Bavaria and Margaret was born in Indiana. Philip was a farmer. [4] They moved to Mercer County sometime after 1860, where some of their children were born.

Philip and Barbara (Geisler) Stump had the following children:
Carolina (1861-1861)
Catharina (1862-1865)
Cora (c1868-1919)
Charles (1869-1940), married Mary Estella “Stella” Woodward

Philip and Barbara (Geisler) regularly took communion at Zion Chatt from 1861-1866. Then they are absent from the communion records until 1899, when Philip again took communion. Zion Chatt’s records also mention that Philip Stump left Zion’s parish and joined the United Parish, but no date was given.

Philip’s wife Barbara (Geisler) likely died between 1869 and August 1870. Perhaps she died during or soon after the birth of their son Charles.

Philip Stump married Maria Eugenia “Mary Jane” (Adams) on 7 August 1870 in Mercer County, Ohio. [5]

According to Zion’s records Mary Jane Adams was born in Fairfield County, Ohio.

In 1870 Philip and his family lived next door to Philip’s mother, Mary Hiller, who was a widow by that time. Philip’s step-father John Hiller had died 10 March 1869 and Philip’s mother Mary was living near New Corydon, Indiana, with Philip’s half-brother Jacob Hiller and his wife Martha (Sundmacher).

Enumerated in the Stump household in 1870: Philip, 39, Bavaria; Margaret, 22, Pennsylvania; Margaret, 11, Ohio; Cora, 3, Ohio; Charles, 2, Indiana. Margaret, age 22, is likely Philip’s second wife Mary Jane with the wrong name. This census was enumerated 1 September 1870 so Philip and Mary Jane would have been married. [6]

In 1880 the Philip Stump family lived in Center Township, Mercer County, Ohio, where Philip farmed. In the household were Philip, his wife Mary J, and their six children. in the 1880 household: Philip, 51, Mary J, 33, Charles, 13, Julia, 9, Rose, 7, Frank, 5, Minnie, 3, Cora, 14. This enumeration indicates that Philip was born in Württemberg, that Mary J. was born in Ohio, that Charles, Julia, and Rose, were born in Indiana, and that Frank, Minnie, and Cora were born in Ohio. [7]

The Philip Stump household in 1900: Philip, head, 71, born May 1829 in Germany; Mary Jane, wife 51, born March 1849 in Pennsylvania; Frank, son, 25, born April 1875 in Ohio. This record indicates that Philip and Mary Jane had been married 38 years. [8]

Philip and Mary Jane (Adams) Stump had the following children:
Julia (1871-1894)
Martha Rosa (1873-1912), married Jacob D. Booher
Frank (1875-1959), married Cora Duer
Minnie F. (1877-1939), married Frank R. Fetters

According to Find A, Mary Jane (Adams) Stump died 17 December 1903 in Adams County. She is supposedly also buried in Kessler Cemetery, but does not have a marker. [9]

After Mary’s death it appears that Philip Stump, age 83, born in Germany, was a resident [“inmate”] at the Adams County Infirmary in 1910. [10]

According to Zion Chatt’s records, Philip Stump died of old age on 17 March 1917, but according to his death record he died 19 March 1917. [11] The church record indicates he was of 87 years, 10 months, and 17 days old and that he was buried in Kessler Cemetery on the 21st.

Philip’s step-father John Hiller died 10 March 1869 and his mother Mary (Müller) Hiller died 24 September 1878. Both are buried side by side in Kessler Cemetery, with separate tombstones. Philip may also be buried nearby.


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