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Happy July 4th, 2014

Today is our nation’s birthday. The Fourth of July. Independence Day. The day we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and celebrate America’s independence from Great Britain.

Resthaven Memory Gardens, Auglaize Co, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

Resthaven Memory Gardens, Auglaize County Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

Today is a good time to honor the ancestors from our family who fought for American independence over 235 years ago. Joe and I both have Patriot Ancestors, although Joe has more than I do.

My patriot ancestor, Private Christian Whiteman, fought in the Pennsylvania Militia, the Berks County 6th Battalion. He was born 16 March 1762, probably in Pennsylvania, and died 23 December 1827 in Pickaway County, Ohio. He is buried in Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County. I descend from Christian and his second wife Hannah Huey, and from their daughter Mary Whiteman, who married Isaac Huey. Christian is the ancestor I proved for membership in the DAR.

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Private Jonathan Grant enlisted February 1776 in Pittsburgh, in Captain William Croghan’s Company of the 8th Virginia Rifle Regiment, commanded by Col. Abraham Bowman. He was discharged at Valley Forge during the winter of 1778 but later served another three months as a volunteer at the request of General Washington. During his war service he fought in the following battles: White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine, and Germantown, where he was wounded in the leg. [1] Jonathan was a surveyor in eastern Ohio in about 1807 and he resided there until his death. According to DAR and pension records Jonathan was born 16 July 1755 and died 27 July 1833 in Prairie Township, Holmes County, Ohio. Jonathan is buried in McCullough Cemetery, Holmes County. The cemetery is located on a private farm. We visited the cemetery in 2005 and saw Jonathan’s original tombstone, which I understand has recently been replaced. Joe descends from Jonathan and his second wife Sarah Kelley, and from their son Alexander Grant.

Jonathan Grant tombstone. (2003 photo by Karen)

Jonathan Grant tombstone, McCullough Cemetery, Holmes County, Ohio. (2005 photo by Karen)

Private Hugh Montgomery enlisted for three years in February 1777, serving in Captain James Sullivan’s Company of the 9th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Russell. He fought in the following battles: Long Island, White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine, and Valley Forge, under the command of Generals Broadhead and McIntosh. Hugh was wounded during the Revolutionary War, but later enlisted in the War of 1812 from Butler County, Ohio. [2] According to DAR applications Hugh was born 25 February 1754 in Ireland and died 20 May 1830 at Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana. Joe descends from Hugh and his wife Eve Hartman, and from their daughter, Mary Montgomery. Mary married Alexander Grant, son of Jonathan Grant.

Samuel Bennett was born about 1747 and died in 1812 in Butler County, Ohio. Although it appears that Samuel has not been proved in the NSDAR, he likely fought in the Revolution. In 1934, at the age of 89, Eliza Flanagon, great-granddaughter of Samuel Bennett, wrote in her journal that Samuel was born in New Jersey and served throughout the Revolutionary War. Joe descends from Samuel and his wife Silence Platt, and from their son, John Bennett.

Joe and I may have other Revolutionary War Patriots in our family trees. Possible candidates for me might be the father of Nicholas Headington of Maryland or one of my Huey and/or Bryan ancestors from Pennsylvania. One of Joe’s Monroe ancestors may have fought in the American Revolution. I will just have to keep searching.


Happy Birthday America! I wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th!


[1] Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, NARA M881; and Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, NARA Record Group 15, both on-line at Footnote.com.
[2] Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, NARA Record Group 15.


Jul 01

Tombstone Tuesday–Christian Whiteman

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Christian Whiteman, located in Section 14 of Reber Hill Cemetery, Walnut Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

MAR 16, 1762   Dec 23, 1827

This Friday we celebrate Independence Day and I decided to write about Christian Whiteman, my  fifth great-grandfather on my dad’s side, who fought for America’s independence during the Revolutionary War. Christian is the ancestor that I proved for membership in The Daughters of the American Revolution.

Reber Hill Cemetery is located at 16810 Winchester Road, Ashville, Ohio, and we took a research trip there in 2002. The caretaker at Reber Hill has a file that includes many burial cards and, according to Christian Whiteman’s burial card, his remains were moved there on 14 September 1894.

Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen.)

Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen.)

The caretaker said that remains from several small local cemeteries had been moved to Reber Hill Cemetery. Christian’s burial card did not indicate where he was first buried. Perhaps he was first buried on or near one of the Whiteman properties in Pickaway or Fairfield County.

Christian Whiteman was born 16 March 1762, possibly in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Some speculate that he was born in Germany. The names of his parents are not known.

Christian was a private in the Berks County 6th Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolution.

Christian married twice during his lifetime and both marriages took place in Pennsylvania. His first marriage may have been to Catherine Greiner. They had two children, Jacob (1795-1859) and Sarah (1796-?). Jacob, his wife, and son Henry are also buried at Reber Hill Cemetery, in the same Section as Christian.

Christian's son Jacob, Jacob's wife and son are also buried in Section 14. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian’s son Jacob, Jacob’s wife and son are also buried in Section 14. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian’s first wife died about 1796 and within a year or two he married Hannah Huey, in about 1798. Hannah was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Huey, of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. The growing Whiteman family remained in Pennsylvania for a few more years.

At some point Christian had moved to the western side of Pennsylvania, because he paid taxes in Georges Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, in 1798-99. [1]

Christian and his family were enumerated in Georges Township in 1800. In the household were 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 0-10, and 1 female 26-45. [2] A few years later the Whitemans moved to Ohio.

Christian purchased over 300 acres of land in Fairfield County, Ohio, during 1804-1805 [3] and he probably moved his family there soon afterward. Christian was among the taxpayers in Amanda Township in 1806. [4] This tax does not prove that Christian actually lived in Fairfield County in 1806 since it was not a residence tax.

However, in 1810 Christian paid the Fairfield County Resident Tax, which indicates he was living there at that time. He owned 315 acres of land in Section 30, Township 13 [Amanda Township] and his Resident Tax was $3.15. [5]

The family remained in Amanda Township until Christian died on 23 December 1827. He was buried on or near the family farm but was moved to Reber Hill Cemetery about 60 years later.

Christian and Hannah had seven children:
James E. (1799-1873), married Mary North
Elizabeth (1800-1854), married Jacob Ekelberry
John (1803-?) married Sarah Smith
Mary (c1805-1855), married Isaac Huey
Christian (c1806-c1846), married Mary (Polly) Neigh
Haney (1809-1864), married Sarah Wilson
Anna (1811-1838), never married

Christian did not leave a will. He didn’t have to. He divided his land among his children before he died, leaving some very interesting land deeds that contain a lot of family information of genealogical interest. I also learned that Christian owned land in both Pickaway and Fairfield counties.

Christian’s widow Hannah (Huey) Whiteman died in 1850 and is buried in Cheshire Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.

I descend from Christian Whiteman’s daughter Mary, who married Isaac Huey. Mary and Isaac, along with some other members of Christian’s family, moved to Jay County, Indiana, a few years after Christian’s death. Christian and some of his descendants left some very interesting legal documents that give priceless genealogical information. I will write about them sometime.

Whiteman Section 14, Reber Hill Cemetery. (2002 photo by Karen)

Whiteman Section 14, Reber Hill Cemetery. (2002 photo by Karen)


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[5] Resident Duplicate for Fairfield County, Ohio, 1910, microfilm #GR2343, p. 1, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio.

Jun 27

Charles Schumm Residence, 1908

I enjoy collecting old postcards from this area and I found this postcard a few years ago. The message on the card was written in 1908 by Jeanetta Schumm, wife of Charles Schumm. The other side is a nice photo of their home, including their horse and buggy. If you look closely and you can see a woman sitting in the buggy.

Charles Schumm Residence, 1908 postcard.

Charles Schumm Residence, 1908 postcard.

The Charles Schumm home is located about two miles west of Rockford on Route 33. The home is still standing and looks a little different today, after some remodeling. Distant relatives of Charles, cousins several times removed through the Roehms, live in the home today.

The postcard is postmarked Rockford, Ohio, and is dated 22 July 1908. It is addressed to Mrs. J.C. Wildermuth, 2001 No 4 St, Columbus, Ohio. Jeanetta’s mother’s maiden name was Wildermuth and jeanetta wrote this note to her aunt on her mother’s side.

Jeanetta’s message, written over 100 years ago:

Dear Aunt, I’ll write a few lines and send you a postal of our house. Everybody is well. Carrie and Jesse were married on eve of the 11th. When are you coming to see us? Zella will tell you where we were when this was taken. Love to all, your niece, Jeanne S.

1908 postcard written by Jeanetta (Bury) Schumm.

1908 postcard written by Jeanetta (Bury) Schumm.

Jeanetta Bury was born 23 October 1875 in Ohio to Joseph and Samantha (Wildermuth) Bury. She married Charles Schumm about 1899. Charles was born Karl Johann Heinrich Schumm on 14 March 1875 to Fredrick Jacob and Maria (Germann) Schumm.

Charles and Jeanetta had five children: Donna Doris (1900-1950), Carl Arnold (1904-1912), Oral (1912-1912), Charles Robert (1914-2007), and Joseph “Frederick” (1916-1996).

Jeanetta was electrocuted on 11 September 1916 in their yard as she attempted to attach an extension cord to her electric washing machine. According to her obituary, Jeanetta had the wash water ready and was in the process of plugging in an extension cord that was plugged in and run through window in the house. Her son Frederick was only seven weeks old when his mother died.

Widower Charles Schumm remarried a few years later. In 1923 he married Amalia Germann, the daughter of Charles Fredrick and Hannah M. (Schumm) Germann. They had three children, Lucile, Virginia B., and Herbert.

Charles Schumm home today. 2013 image, Google Earth, downloaded 26 June 2014).

Charles Schumm home today. 2013 image, Google Earth, downloaded 26 June 2014.

I wrote a Tombstone Tuesday post about Jeanetta, Charles, and Amalia Schumm on 12 June 2012. In that post I transcribed Jeanetta’s full obituary. All three are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Rockford. One large monument bears all three names.

Three smaller stones are in the row behind their large monument. One stone is inscribed with the names of Jeanetta and Charles, one with Carl and Oral, and the third stone with Donna Doris.

Jun 24

Tombstone Tuesday–John Bausser

John Bausser, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

John Bausser, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of John Bausser, located in row 6 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Husband of
Apr 11, 1847
Died Apr 11, 1898

The past two weeks I have featured the Bausser tombstones in Zion Lutheran Cemetery. Three Baussers are buried there, John, John’s wife Pauline (1856-1929), and their daughter Marie (1887-1905). Only Pauline’s death and burial were recorded in Zion’s records, recorded as Pauline Grabner Bausser Andress Bollenbacher. Very little is known about John Bausser, not much more than what is inscribed on his tombstone.

In addition to his tombstone, I have found only a couple other records that mention John Bausser–his marriage record, the 1880 census, and a handful of church records that mention him as father.

His surname was spelled Bowsher in the 1880 census. There are Bowshers in Augalize County and I do not know if the Bausser name is a spelling variation of Bowsher.

John Bausser married Pauline Grabner on 22 March 1877 in Auglaize County, Ohio. [1]

John Bausser, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

John Bausser, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

In 1880 John and Pauline were living near Wapakoneta, in Pusheta Township, Auglaize County. John was enumerated as age 33, born in Württemberg, and Pauline was 25, born in Ohio. They had one child at that time, their son Edward, who was six months old. John was a farmer. There were two others in the household, Frank Rohr, 11, an apprentice; and Stephen Kruse, 21, a servant. [2]

The John Bausser family moved to the Chattanooga, Ohio, area sometime before 1887. There they first attended St. Paul Lutheran Church in Liberty Township, Pauline’s home church, and later Zion Lutheran Church in Chatt.

Their daughter Marie Bausser was baptized at St. Paul Liberty on 16 October 1887 and confirmed there in 1900. Her siblings Edward and Margaretha Bausser were confirmed at Zion in 1893 and 1896 respectively.

John and Pauline Bausser had four children:

Johann “Edward” (1879- ?) married Belle Rockwood
Maggie L. (c1886-1992) married Gust W. Bollenbacher
Marie (1887-1905)
William “Willie” (1891-1956) married Minnie Foor

John Bausser died 11 April 1898, according to his tombstone. He was 51 years old.

John Bausser, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

John Bausser, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)


[1] “Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1997,” index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org : accessed 8 June 2014), John Bausser and Polena Grebner, 11 Mar 1877; citing Auglaize, Ohio, Vol. 4, p. 418; from FHL microfilm 963057.

[2] 1880 U.S. Census, Pusheta, Auglaize County, Ohio, ED 10, p. 478C (stamped), dwelling 50, family 52, John Bowsher; digital image by subscription, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 15 June 2014); from FHL film 1254993, from NARA microfilm T9, roll 993.

Jun 20

Another Schumm Centenarian

Centenarian: (noun), a person that is 100 years old or older.

Last weekend I attended the 100th birthday celebration for Velma Louise Schumm, the most recent Schumm centenarian. Velma, who turned 100 on 18 June, has lived all of her life near Rockford, in the home where she grew up. She is a life-time member of Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm.

Velma Schumm, 100th Birthday Celebration, 14 June 2014. (2014 photo by Karen)

Velma Schumm, 100th Birthday Celebration, 14 June 2014. (2014 photo by Karen)

Velma is the daughter of Phillip and Leona Schumm and she is my third cousin once removed. We descend from different immigrant Schumm brothers, the sons of Johann Georg Schumm. Velma descends from Martin and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm, while I descend from Ludwig and Barbara (Pflueger) Schumm. The Schumm brothers married Pflueger sisters and therefore we also have common Pflueger ancestors.

Velma is an accomplished musician and started playing the organ at Zion Lutheran, Schumm, when she was 16. She continued as Zion Schumm’s organist for many years. In fact she played the organ there for my parents’ wedding ceremony in 1950. Velma would always try to attend our Christmas concert at Zion Chatt. Her neighbors, Tim and Vickie, would usually bring her and it was a pleasure to see her there.

Velma knows German and is able to read the Old German Script. Not many people around here are able to read the old Gothic writing and she was gracious enough to help me translate Zion Schumm’s records a few years ago. Velma is familiar with the names of those who attended Zion over the years, which was also very helpful. We spent several Sunday afternoons going over the church records.

Another Sunday afternoon, in 2002, Velma went with my mom and me to Fort Wayne to attend the Pflueger reunion, the descendants of Michael Pflueger. Even though we had never met this side of the family we discovered that we knew several people in common and we enjoyed visiting and sharing information with our Pflueger cousins. In the car, on our way home, the three of us sang some of our favorite hymns. Velma liked to sing as well as play the organ.

Velma always attended the Schumm reunion and she would accompany the Schumm Singers. Velma is also interested in history and I would see her at meetings of the Shanes Crossing Historical Society in Rockford. Over the years she has had to cease many of these activities because of her eyesight.

Velma Schumm at 2010 Schumm Reunion. (2010 photo by Karen)

Velma Schumm at 2010 Schumm Reunion. (2010 photo by Karen)

Rev. Jeffrey Patterson, pastor at Zion Lutheran Schumm, presented Velma with three congratulatory certificates last Saturday, one from Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod; one from Rev. Terry Cripe, President of the Ohio District, Missouri Synod; and the third from Zion Schumm’s congregation.

Velma Schumm, 100th Birthday Celebration, 14 June 2014. (2014 photo by Karen)

Pastor Patterson reading a certificate for Velma Schumm for her 100th birthday. (2014 photo by Karen)

I would imagine Velma also got a letter from President Obama. My grandma Schumm received a letter from the President when she turned 100.

Velma was the baptismal sponsor for Wilma (Schumm) Schmidt, who was also in attendance at Saturday’s birthday celebration.

Velma is not the only Schumm to attain the title of centenarian. In fact, Velma’s older sister was among those in attendance at last week’s birthday celebration. Yes, Velma’s sister Emma (Schumm) Boerger is 103! Velma’s younger sister Anna Katherine, at age 97, is well on her way to the century mark.

Here are some other Schumm relatives that also reached the age of 100:

  • Karl George Schumm turned 100 in 2013. He and his wife Isabelle have been married 76 years and are the longest married couple in Ohio.
  • Hilda (Scaer) Schumm (1895-1997), my grandmother, lived to be 101. Although her maiden name was Scaer, her grandmother was a Schumm, so she had those Schumm longevity genes in her blood.
  • Estella Rosin Elizabeth (Merkel) Habegger (1909-2010), daughter of Ernest Theodore and Tillie (Schumm) Merkle, wife of Martin D. Habegger.
  • Bessie Schumm (1887-1988), daughter of Ludwig George and Catherine (Bonnewitz) Schumm.
  • Paula Henrietta Buechner (1901-2004), daughter of William and Katherine Magdalena (Schumm) Buechner.
  • Bertha Henrietta Schinnerer (1896-1997), daughter of Rev. Johann Jacob Friedrich and Anna Margaret (Evers) Schinnerer, and wife of Walter Adolph Wier.

Not direct Schumm descendants, but married into the family:

  • Edith Hausling (1888-1990), wife of Rev. Otto Paul Schinnerer.
  • Lena Strubel (1869-1969), wife of August George Bienz.
Velma's, 100th Birthday cake, 14 June 2014. (2014 photo by Karen)

Velma’s, 100th birthday cake, 14 June 2014. (2014 photo by Karen)

Happy Birthday to Velma Schumm and congratulations to all the other Schumms who have reached the 100-year milestone.

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