Sep 22

Old Advertising Items from Willshire Grain & Supply

Last week I wrote about Willshire Grain & Supply, where my mom worked as their bookkeeper for 33 years. The three local grain elevators were owned by Tom Burk and were located in Willshire, Schumm, and Wren, Ohio.

Willshire Grain & Supply at Willshire, Ohio, 1948.

As was the practice of many businesses, Willshire Grain & Supply gave away advertising items, especially at Christmastime.

I still have a few of these give-aways from the 1960-70s. I remember seeing them years ago and my mom had saved them all those years. We found them again when we cleaned out her house. Here are a few of them from Willshire Grain & Supply:

Various advertising items from Willshire Grain & Supply, 1960s-1970s

A metal rain gauge:

“Rain or Shine
We are here to serve you
Willshire Grain & Supply
Grain, Seeds
Fertilizer, Feed, Coal
Willshire, Wren, Schumm, Ohio”

Rain gauge from Willshire Grain & Supply.

A small tape measure:

A small tape measure from Willshire Grain & Supply.

A trivet that could be hung in your kitchen:

A trivet from Willshire Grain & Supply.

Another ceramic trivet, although this one does not specifically advertise Willshire Grain & Supply:

Pens, pencils, and pocket knives that advertise Master Mix feed in addition to Willshire Grain & Supply:

Pens, pencils, and pocket knives from Willshire Grain & Supply.

A pencil and pocket knife from Purina, but they do not advertise the grain elevator:

Pencil and pocket knife from Purina.

Some items from Wayne Feeds, Mayflower Mills, and Central Soya. The Central Soya tie tacks belonged to my grandpa Miller, who worked there.

Advertising items from Wayne Feeds, Mayflower Mills, and 2 tie tacks from Central Soya.

I am not sure what the sharp roller item on the key ring would have been used for. To perforate paper for some reason?

These old advertising items sure bring back the memories!

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