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Sep 21

What’s Back There?

Straubinger Hotel.1963 photo

Sometimes what you see in the background of a photo is more interesting and informative than what you see in the foreground. You may see the location of items that are no longer standing or things that have been moved. You can see what homes and yards and other buildings looked like years ago. You …

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Aug 10

Schumm Reunion 2012

75th Anniversary of Zion Lutheran, Schumm, 1921.

The 2012 family reunion season is over for me. I was able to attend two out of three family reunions and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The Schumm reunion was this past weekend. Although I wasn’t able to attend the church service, which included the dedication of the John George Schumm Bible, I went …

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Aug 03

Faces of the First Schumm Reunion

1924 Schumm Reunion

The Schumm reunion is this coming Sunday. The descendants of John George Schumm have had a reunion nearly every two years since 1924 at Zion Lutheran Church in Schumm. John George Schumm and his five children immigrated to America in 1833 and they established the village and church at Schumm in about 1838. The Schumm …

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Jul 13

It’s Family Reunion Time

Miller Reunion, c1956.

It is the middle of summer and time for family reunions. Both sides of my family have family gatherings that we regularly attend. Although both reunions focus on relatives gathering together (and good food), there are differences between the Miller and Schumm reunions. The Miller reunion is held every year on the fourth Sunday in July, …

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Jun 12

Tombstone Tuesday—Jeanetta, Charles and Amalia Schumm

Tombstone of Jeanetta, Charles, Amalia Schumm, Riverside Cemetery, Dublin Township, Mercer County, Ohio.

This is the tombstone of Jeanetta A., Charles J. and Amalia  C. Schumm, located in row 3, old section J, Riverside Cemetery, Rockford, Dublin Township, Mercer County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed SCHUMM, Jeanetta A, 1875-1916, Charles J, 1875-1954, Amalia C, 1884-1969. Jeanetta was Charles’ first wife and he married Amalia after Jeanetta’s death. According …

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