May 29

Some Newsy Items from The Willshire Herald

News and social items in old newspapers can provide all sorts of information for your family history as well as information that is just plain interesting to read. Here are a few items I found recently.

Some social news:

Willshire Young Miss Weds Decatur Young Man Secretly

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Reece learned last Saturday evening that their daughter, Miss Mae, had gone to Kalamazoo, Michigan, December 7, where she was united in marriage with Clifford Marshall of Decatur. The young lady returned to her home in this village, and it was several days before the members of her family and intimate friends knew that she had forsaken the ranks of single blessedness and taken on a life partner.

The groom is a tradesman, being an employee of the Schaffer Saddlery company, and has already taken his bride to that city, where they have gone to house-keeping. [1]

It really wasn’t such a secret once it was published on the front page of the local paper. And just who was out there tracking down and reporting all that information?

The Willshire Herald, 21 December 1922, p.1.

The Willshire Herald, 21 December 1922, p.1.

The paper reports an accident and gives a little genealogical information, too:

Local Woman Sustains Serious Injury in Fall

Mrs. Effie Fisher, residing on Green street, fell on the sidewalk in front of her home last Wednesday and was seriously injured. Dr. M.J. Osborn, called to administer treatment, found her sufferings were so great that an x-ray was determined upon, and she was taken to Decatur hospital Thursday, where Dr. C.C. Rayl took the x-ray.

It was disclosed that the arm was broken at the point where it enters the shoulder.

The patient was then turned over to Dr. Osborn again. She was brought to her home in this village, but for lack of suitable nurse attention, she was taken to the home of a cousin, Mrs. Vaughn Milligan, where she is being cared for. [2]

Here is a little item about the general store that was once in Schumm:

Geo. Weinman of the Weinman & Buechner general store at Schumm was a business caller at this office Tuesday evening, leaving an order for job printing, also an advertisement which appears in this week’s issue of The Herald. [3]

The Willshire Herald, 5 February 1925, p.3.

The Willshire Herald, 5 February 1925, p.3.

Evidently they reported about everyone who walked through their doors. Unfortunately I did not get a copy of the ad they mentioned.

An newsy item like the following could help track a family’s migration:

The Schinnerer Family is Coming Back Home
H.F. Schinnerer has completed transactions whereby he has again become owner of the Schinnerer farm on the eastern border of this town. The terms of the re-purchase of the property include an agreement to give Mr. Schinnerer possession March 1, 1926.

The farm, approximately 200 acres of land, is one of the best bodies of land in this section of the country, and Mr. Schinnerer is to be congratulated upon his ability to again come into its proprietorship, with the expectation of again becoming a permanent resident of the Willshire community—something that we trust will be of mutual congratulation to the Schinnerer family and the people of Willshire and vicinity. [4]

Finally, read about the big shoe sale in Chatt back in 1911: [5]

The Willshire Herald, 26 January 1911, p.5.

The Willshire Herald, 26 January 1911, p.5.

I wonder what that Candy Guessing Contest was all about…


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