October 2021 archive

Digging a Pond, 1974

Across the road from Zion Lutheran Church in Schumm is a nice home and farm buildings, owned by Ned Alspaugh in the 1970s and beyond. West of the barn is a pond, dug in 1974. My mom and dad took these photos of Alvin Krueckeberg excavating and digging Ned Alspaugh’s pond in 1974.

Tombstone Tuesday-Johann Martin Geier

This is the tombstone of Martin Geier, located in row 8 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Geb. Den 25
Sept. 1816
Gest den 22
Dec. 1902
86 J, 2 M, 27 T

Grandpa’s Golf Cart

Golf carts have always been popular with golfers but recently they have become even more popular with people, not for golfing, but just to get around in their community.

Tombstone Tuesday-Bird Symbol

Birds, usually doves, are common tombstone symbols. They symbolize peace, resurrection, and innocence.
Birds are usually depicted as flying or sitting but we saw this unusual bird scene on a tombstone at Greenville Union Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio.

Willshire Village School Bus No.3

I recently spoke at the Willshire Alumni Banquet, to a great group of people who waited a long time for that banquet to be held. One of the things I talked about was Willshire Village School Bus No. 3, which picked up the Chatt-area school children in 1939-40. While preparing for the alumni talk I discovered that I had two additional photos of that bus that were most likely taken on the same day.