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Duckcreek Church Officers, 1879-1880

Perhaps your ancestor was a church officer or trustee at the former Duckcreek Church. Below is a list of the Duckcreek Church leaders and trustees from 1879-1880.

1888 Duckcreek Church Member List

Continuing with the few Duckcreek Church records that I have, below is the Duckcreek Methodist Church member list from September 1888.

1887 Duckcreek Church Member List

Old church records are often difficult to find or are non-existent. So it is a treat to have a few early records from Duckcreek Church, Blackcreek Township’s the first church.

Duckcreek Church, Mercer County, Ohio

The first religious society in Blackcreek Township, Mercer County, Ohio, was a Methodist Episcopal class at the Duckcreek school house. The class was formed by Rev. Joshua Smith in about 1856 and among its first members were A.M. Counterman & wife, Alonzo Cross & wife, George Clark & wife, and William Harper & wife.