What to Wear?

This Sunday is the Schumm reunion, held every two years at Zion Lutheran, Schumm. This year I received several e-mails asking what kind of clothing is appropriate to wear to the event.

As you would suspect, these questions come from women. I don’t think men give quite as much thought and deliberation to their attire as women do. I know I sometimes change clothes several times before I walk out the door, while Joe has a much easier time selecting his wardrobe.

In 1924 the Schumm relatives dressed up for their first reunion. They attended in suits, ties, dresses, and hats.

The first Schumm reunion, 1924.

The first Schumm reunion, 1924.

It can be difficult trying to decide what to wear to a reunion. You want to look nice but be comfortable at the same time. The wardrobe challenge of the Schumm reunion is that it is an all-day event, starting with the morning church service. After church there is visiting, a smorgasbord-type meal, visiting, the afternoon meeting and program, followed by more visiting, and the final farewells.

Karel Thompson & Velma Schumm, 2008 Schumm Reunion.

Karel Thompson & Velma Schumm, 2008 Schumm Reunion.

What to wear to a church service that is followed by a picnic-style reunion? Folks usually dress up a bit for a church service, but who wants to walk around all afternoon in dress clothes and heels.

The locals have enough time to go home and change clothes, but what about those from out-of-town? It is usually more convenient for them to wear the same outfit all day rather than pack and drag along extra clothes.

2012 Schumm Reunion

2012 Schumm Reunion

The solution is, and I have this on good authority, that you can dress casually for the entire day. Nice casual clothes, such as capris pants, slacks, or a sun dress, are appropriate for all the events on Schumm Reunion Sunday, including the morning church service. But if any want to they can change clothes in the church restroom.

2008 Schumm Reunion

2008 Schumm Reunion

I will not be changing between church and the reunion. I will just head over to Schumm right after our service at Zion Chatt and I will probably wear capris.

As you can see, hats, which were so fashionable and popular at the first Schumm reunion in 1924, are still stylish after all these years.

Karen & Karel Thompson2006 Schumm Reunion

Karen & Karel Thompson, 2006 Schumm Reunion

This year I could have attended four reunions in two weeks. That amounts to two reunions a Sunday, two Sundays in a row. Although I wish I could, I just cannot be in two places at once.

Last Sunday was our annual Miller reunion, but I was also invited to a Brewster reunion near Muncie, for the descendants of Daniel Brewster and his second wife Loverda Bebout. That invitation came about as a result of my recent meeting with Darrel “Pete” Brewster, who descends from that side of the family.

This Sunday’s two reunions are the Schumm reunion and another Brewster reunion, this one held in Berne, for the descendants of Philip and Pearl (Reid) Brewster. Philip was the son of Daniel and his first wife Sarah Fetters.

I have heard rumors that this may be the last Brewster reunion so I may slip out of the Schumm reunion early and drive over to Berne to visit with some of my Brewster relatives. Who knows, Pete may even be there.

Now I just need to decide what to wear and what dish to fix…

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