Happy July 4th, 2014

Today is our nation’s birthday. The Fourth of July. Independence Day. The day we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and celebrate America’s independence from Great Britain.

Resthaven Memory Gardens, Auglaize Co, Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

Resthaven Memory Gardens, Auglaize County Ohio. (2014 photo by Karen)

Today is a good time to honor the ancestors from our family who fought for American independence over 235 years ago. Joe and I both have Patriot Ancestors, although Joe has more than I do.

My patriot ancestor, Private Christian Whiteman, fought in the Pennsylvania Militia, the Berks County 6th Battalion. He was born 16 March 1762, probably in Pennsylvania, and died 23 December 1827 in Pickaway County, Ohio. He is buried in Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County. I descend from Christian and his second wife Hannah Huey, and from their daughter Mary Whiteman, who married Isaac Huey. Christian is the ancestor I proved for membership in the DAR.

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Private Jonathan Grant enlisted February 1776 in Pittsburgh, in Captain William Croghan’s Company of the 8th Virginia Rifle Regiment, commanded by Col. Abraham Bowman. He was discharged at Valley Forge during the winter of 1778 but later served another three months as a volunteer at the request of General Washington. During his war service he fought in the following battles: White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine, and Germantown, where he was wounded in the leg. [1] Jonathan was a surveyor in eastern Ohio in about 1807 and he resided there until his death. According to DAR and pension records Jonathan was born 16 July 1755 and died 27 July 1833 in Prairie Township, Holmes County, Ohio. Jonathan is buried in McCullough Cemetery, Holmes County. The cemetery is located on a private farm. We visited the cemetery in 2005 and saw Jonathan’s original tombstone, which I understand has recently been replaced. Joe descends from Jonathan and his second wife Sarah Kelley, and from their son Alexander Grant.

Jonathan Grant tombstone. (2003 photo by Karen)

Jonathan Grant tombstone, McCullough Cemetery, Holmes County, Ohio. (2005 photo by Karen)

Private Hugh Montgomery enlisted for three years in February 1777, serving in Captain James Sullivan’s Company of the 9th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Russell. He fought in the following battles: Long Island, White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine, and Valley Forge, under the command of Generals Broadhead and McIntosh. Hugh was wounded during the Revolutionary War, but later enlisted in the War of 1812 from Butler County, Ohio. [2] According to DAR applications Hugh was born 25 February 1754 in Ireland and died 20 May 1830 at Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana. Joe descends from Hugh and his wife Eve Hartman, and from their daughter, Mary Montgomery. Mary married Alexander Grant, son of Jonathan Grant.

Samuel Bennett was born about 1747 and died in 1812 in Butler County, Ohio. Although it appears that Samuel has not been proved in the NSDAR, he likely fought in the Revolution. In 1934, at the age of 89, Eliza Flanagon, great-granddaughter of Samuel Bennett, wrote in her journal that Samuel was born in New Jersey and served throughout the Revolutionary War. Joe descends from Samuel and his wife Silence Platt, and from their son, John Bennett.

Joe and I may have other Revolutionary War Patriots in our family trees. Possible candidates for me might be the father of Nicholas Headington of Maryland or one of my Huey and/or Bryan ancestors from Pennsylvania. One of Joe’s Monroe ancestors may have fought in the American Revolution. I will just have to keep searching.


Happy Birthday America! I wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th!


[1] Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, NARA M881; and Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, NARA Record Group 15, both on-line at Footnote.com.
[2] Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, NARA Record Group 15.



    • marie b. on July 4, 2014 at 5:06 am
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    Joyeux anniversaire l’Amérique… et une pensée pour les aïeux de l’expédition française qui contribuèrent à l’Indépendance. Une pensée aussi pour tous ces jeunes Américains venus libérer la France en 44 et dont certains avaient peut-être des ancêtres français.
    Bien cordialement
    Marie B

    1. Quel plaisir de vous entendre à nouveau, Marie! Merci pour votre message d’anniversaire pour l’anniversaire de notre nation. Et merci pour se souvenir de nos soldats qui ont combattu pour la libération de la France pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et soulignant la contribution de la France à l’indépendance de l’Amérique. (Certains chercheurs estiment que les ancêtres de mon mari est le français, mais je n’ai pas établi que.)

      Thanks to Google Translate, below is a translation of this conversation :

      Happy Birthday America … and a thought for the ancestors of the French expedition that contributed to Independence. A thought also for all those young Americans came to liberate France in 44 and some of whom may be French ancestors. Sincerely, Marie B.

      How nice to hear from you again, Marie! Thank you for your birthday greeting for our nation’s birthday. And thank you for remembering our soldiers who fought for the liberation of France during WWII and pointing out France’s contribution to America’s independence. (Some researchers feel that my husband’s ancestry is French, but I have not determined that.) Karen

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