Sitting on Santa’s Lap–It’s a Family Thing

In our family it sometimes takes a while to warm up to someone, especially if that person is Santa Claus.

This is the time of year when children stand in line to meet Santa, sit on his lap, and tell him what they want for Christmas. We all remember how exciting it was to see Santa and talk to him personally.

Well, maybe not just everyone is so eager to meet him and sit on his lap. Not at first anyway.

Years ago you were lucky to get your picture taken with Santa, but today most children get a Santa photo taken. Some photos with Santa are great, but others, not so much.

The photo below captured my first encounter with Santa Claus, probably taken the Christmas of 1952 in Grandma and Grandpa Miller’s home on Sipe Road.

Karen on Scary Santa's lap. (Santa, aka Uncle Kenny)

Karen on Scary Santa’s lap. (Santa, aka Uncle Kenny)

Fast forward to 2015, at Bronner’s Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a couple weeks ago, when the photo below was taken. The little toddler is our darling granddaughter Chloe, now nearly two years old. She is usually quite photogenic, but not that day with Santa.

Chloe with Santa 2015

She looks just about as happy as I was to be sitting on Santa’s lap. At least she hadn’t fallen and hit her head earlier in the day. (Note the band-aid on my forehead.) That fall likely contributed to my unhappiness that day.

It would appear that Santa puts up with a lot. Bronner’s Santa looks a little startled while the 1952 Santa (aka Uncle Kenny) appears to have a frozen face with hypnotic eyes. Those home-made masks from the 50s were a little scary.

Chloe did better with Santa last year because the photographer quickly snapped a photo before she had a melt down, although she looked like she was ready to bolt any second.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, the photo of me with Santa is the only Santa photo I have. There are no photos of a happy Karen with Santa. But, since parents take a lot more photos these days, I am sure Chloe will eventually have a more pleasant photo taken with Santa. Maybe even next year.

I believe that eventually almost every child comes to like Santa and looks forward to his arrival at Christmas time. But until that time comes photos with Santa can be less than memorable.

Like grandmother, like granddaughter, the similarities of sitting on Santa’s lap appear to a family thing.


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