Tombstone Tuesday-Harold Sauer

Harold Sauer, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. (2012 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Harold Sauer, located in row 8 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Harold Son of
J & Bertha Sauer
Born July 31, 1911
Died Aug 10, 1911

Harold Friedrich Sauer was born near Schumm on 31 July 1911, the son of Johann and Anna “Bertha” (Roehm) Sauer. He was baptized at the home of Henry Roehm on 7 August 1911 and his parents served as his sponsors.

Herold Friedrich Sauer died of convulsions on 10 August 1911, at the age of 10 days. He was buried on 12 August and was survived by his parents and 4 brothers.

The 4 brothers were, Theodore Heinrich, Elmer Walter, LeRoy Rudolph, and Ernst Roland.

Harold Sauer’s father, Johann Sauer Jr, was born in Germany in 1881, the son of Johannes & Anna Katharina (Meisinger) Sauer. His mother Anna “Bertha” (Roehm) Sauer was born in Van Wert County in 1882 and was the daughter of Henry and Catharine (Geier/Gaier) Roehm. John Jr and Bertha married at Zion Schumm 22 February 1903.

The Johann Sauer Jr family moved out of the Schumm area and resided in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by 1920. They had another child, a daughter Elsie, born in 1915. The parents died in Fort Wayne in the 1960s.

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th from Karen’s Chatt!

Today, to celebrate Independence Day, our nation’s birthday, a few lines from some favorite patriotic songs:

God Bless America

Land that I love

Sweet land of liberty

Let freedom ring

Land of the free

God Bless the USA

Stand beside her and guide her

God shed his grace on thee

Proud to be an American

Stars and Stripes Forever

Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light, protect us by thy might, Great God our King.

I was able to compile the above list from memory and I am sure many of you could do the same. However, I also did an Internet search for patriotic songs, just in case I had missed a good song. I couldn’t believe the following songs were included in a list of great patriotic songs: Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, Living in America by James Brown, and Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. Seriously? Not on my list of patriotic songs!    

Wishing you and yours an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend.

And pray for America.


Tombstone Tuesday-More Military Inscriptions

Today, a few more military inscriptions and insignia on local tombstones.

3rd Infantry Division, Swamp College Cemetery, Mercer County.

1835th Engineering Installation Squadron, Catholic Cemetery, Celina, Ohio.

Co. A 308th Field Sig. Bn, US Signal Corps, Swamp College Cemetery.

308th, 83rd Division, Ammunition Train, Swamp College Cemetery.

US Coast Guard, Riverside Cemetery, Rockford, Ohio.

Medal of Honor, Greenlawn Cemetery, Wapakoneta, Ohio.

North Grove Cemetery, Celina, Ohio.

Korean War, North Grove Cemetery, Celina, Ohio.

51 Balloon Co. Air Service, WWI, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Ohio.

And, my dad’s WWII service:

84th Infantry Division, the Railsplitters, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Ohio.



1888 Duckcreek Church Member List

Continuing with the few Duckcreek Church records that I have, below is the Duckcreek Methodist Church member list from September 1888.

Duckcreek Church was established in 1858. They built a frame church in about 1868 and it was destroyed by a tornado in 1920. The church was located a couple miles north of Chatt on State Route 49, in Mercer County, Ohio.

Duckcreek Church was never rebuilt and many of its members joined the Chattanooga Methodist Church after their church was destroyed.

The Duckcreek Church Member List, September 1888, giving state in life [married, single, widowed] and name:

M           A. M. Roebuck
M           Mary Roebuck
S            James C. Roebuck
S            Charles D. Roebuck
S            John Davis
S            Sarah Davis
Wd        Anna Davis
M           Alex Counterman
M           A.C. Counterman
M           D/Dr [?] G. Bailey
M           Susan Bailey
S            Artie H. Bailey
M           Ann Koontz
M           Gotleib Marbaugh
M           Cardelia Marbaugh
M           Adda Vining
M           Robert M. Vining
M           Lucretia Vining
S            Jennie Vining
S            Haskell Vining
M           Anna Detro
M           Wm Erexson
M           Billy Ann Erexson
S            David M. Erexson
S            Wm A. Erexson
M           Alonzo Cross
M           Lucinda Cross
M           Moses Foreman
M           Mary Foreman
S            Clarke M. Foreman
S            Sadie Oakley
M           Abbey Harman
M           Mary E. Johnson
Wd        Mary Springer
S            Adda Springer
S            Hila G. Pifer
S            John E. Pifer
S            Mary E. Evans
M           Sylvester Tinkham
Wd        D. Tinkham
M           Wm Tinkham
M           Francis Tinkham
M           Minerva Tinkham
S            Libbie Tinkham
S            Rebecca Tinkham
M           James Johnson
M           Christena Johnson
S            Irene Johnson
Wd        Geo Fisher
S            Virgil Fisher
M           Manerva Dudgeon
M           Margaret Parr
M           Jacob Bevington
M           Rosanna Bevington
M           Saml T.S. Douglas
M           Phebe Douglas
M           Volara Sipes
Wd        Martin L. Sipes
M           Bell Sipes
M           James W. Jones
M           Nancy Jones
Wd        Henry Stacey
M           Sarah Frank

Next week, a few more Duckcreek Church records.






Tombstone Tuesday-Two Local War of 1812 Grave Markers

There are a few War of 1812 cemetery markers in this area and below are two that I know of.

The War of 1812 marker below marks the grave of my 5th great-grandfather Nicholas Headington (1790-1856). It is located in Liber Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.

“N Headington, Gorsuch’s Co, 2 MD. Mil., War 1812” Liber Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.


Nicholas Headington’s War 1812 marker at the foot of his headstone.

Nicholas Headington served in Gorsuch’s Co. 2 Maryland Militia during the War of 1812. Nicholas was married to Ruth Phillips (1794-1865).

Another War of 1812 marker is that of John D Heath (1778-1868), located in Tomlinson Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. John was married to Nancy Tomlinson (1788-1861).

John D. Heath, War of 1812, Tomlinson Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio.

John D. Heath, War of 1812, & wife Nancy, Tomlinson Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio.

These are but two, but I am sure that there are other War of 1812 markers in our area.