Dublin Township Post Offices

Dublin Township in Mercer County, Ohio, had three post offices at one time. The oldest was established by 1836 and was first known as Shanes Crossing. It was located at Shanesville, now known as Rockford, which was founded in 1820 and is the oldest village in Mercer County.  

Dublin Township, Mercer County, Ohio, 1900 map.

The second of Dublin Township’s post offices was established around 1837 and was located in the village of Mercer. That post office was first known as Ruckman’s and the name was changed to Mercer in 1837. It operated until 1957 and the mail was sent to Mendon after that.   

For a short time around 1888 there was a third post office in Dublin Township, known as Shaffer’s Station, located on the north edge of the township, north of Rockford.

The Dublin Township postmasters and when they were appointed, through 1971:

Shanes Crossing (name changed to Rockford Post Office by 1890): post office on the railroad junction at the St. Marys River at the town of Rockford:
William B. Hedges [no date; before 13 Apr 1836]
Gideon Mott, 13 Apr 1836
Wm B. Hedges, 9 Oct 1838
George S. Barks, 29 Mar 1839
Cornelius B. Whitley, 23 Mar 1846
George F. Borcher, 8 Aug 1853
Joel F. Moors, 22 Jul 1863
John P. Dysert, 22 Jul 1872
George F Borcher, 4 Oct 1866
David H. Robison, 22 Feb 1869
Gabriel Laukart, 8 Oct 1869
William E. Moore, 9 Jul 1890
James B. Shock [?], 19 Aug 1893
Grant Coats, 15 Jul 1897, reappointed 24 Feb 1900 & 13 Dec 1900
William E. Moore, reappointed 15 Mar 1910
Rolla N. Frysinger, 6 Jun 1913, reappointed 21 July 1917
Harry B. Miller, 11 Jul 1921 & 9 Nov 1921, reappointed 17 Dec 1925
Mrs. Minnie A. Jackson, 16 Mar 1926, 4 Feb 1927, 14 Feb 1931, reappointed 15 Jan 1935
George R. Kinder, 15 Feb 1935, reappointed 1 Oct 1935 & 1 Oct 1939
Clyde W. Snyder, 30 Apr 1951
Blaine VanTilburg, 16 Mar 1953, 31 Jul 1955
Keith L. Rutledge, 7 Jan 1966, 19 May 1967

Mercer (formerly Ruckman’s Post Office; name changed in 1837), town in the southeast corner of the township, laid out in 1833:
Samuel Ruckman, 22 Apr 1837
Joseph Grier, 26 Oct 1841
Moses Collins, 19 Feb 1842
Alfred Hancock, 10 Jul 1845
Elihu Compton, 6 Jan 1846
Giles I. (?) Sheldon, 28 Jun 1847
Theo G. Dugdale, 10 Aug 1848
Oliver Ellis, 27 Apr 1849
Smith H. Clark, 11 Mar 1852
Andrew J. Harb, 3 Nov 1859
Aaron B. Tullis, 16 Sep 1861
David Ayres, 14 Jun 1865
William Ward, 22 Nov 1865
Michael Adams, 23 Feb 1867
Rezin Ketcham, 5 May 1873
Thos J. McLaughlin, 7 May 1884
Rezin Ketcham, 26 Jan 1885
John F. Disher, 20 Mar 1886
Miss Millie McKaig, 27 Jul 1889
Irena E. Sutton, 8 Aug 1893
William P. Hill, 15 Jul 1897
William H. Thompson, 21 Dec 1901
Charles W. Thomas, 9 Feb 1907
Alice Daugherty, 3 Apr 1907
Ralph S. Beougher, 1 Feb 1940
Troy Marsee, 15 Jul 1946
Sherman W. Marsee, 1 Apr 1947
Mrs. Birdie E. Marsee, 1 Feb 1949, 1 Jul 1949
Mrs. Dollie B. Halfhill, 28 Oct 1949, 1 Apr 1950

On 15 November 1957 the Mercer Post Office was discontinued and the mail was sent to Mendon.

Shaffer’s Station, a railroad station at the north edge of township and county with a post office set up by 1888:
Joseph C. Baker, 4 Aug 1886

Shaffer Station Post Office, Dublin Township, Mercer County, Ohio, 1888 map.

On 6 June 1887 Shaffer’s Station Post Office was discontinued and the mail was sent to Shane’s Crossing.


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Tombstone Tuesday-Palm Branch Symbol

Today’s tombstone symbol is the palm branch, also known as a palm frond.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, 1901 Palm Branch, Curtis Schumm

A palm branch symbolizes victory, rejoicing, triumph, immortality, and peace. For Christians the palm branch is associated with victory over death and eternal life.

Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as people waved palm branches and put them down on the road before him.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, 1897 Palm Branch, Barbara Schinnerer

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, 1901 Palm Branch, Anna Schumm

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, 1905 Palm Branch, Elizabeth & Friedrich Schinnerer

Greenbriar Cemetery, Van Wert County, 1894 Palm Branch, Anna Seaman

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Karen’s Chatt!

May 2021 be better than 2020! 

Tombstone Tuesday-Jakob Wilhelm Schumm

Jakob Wilhelm Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. (2012 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Jakob Wilhelm Schumm, located in row 4 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Hier ruhet
In Gott
Sohnlein von
Georg u. Maria
Gest. Den 6 Aug
Alter 1J, 5 M
Psalm 16, v. 6.

Here rests in God, J.W., little son of Georg and Maria Schumm, died the 6 August 1858, age 1 year, 5 months, 11 days. Psalm 16:6. SCHUMM.

Jakob Wilhelm Schumm was born in Willshre Township, Van Wert County, on 25 February 1857, the son of George Martin and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm. Jakob was baptized at home on 27 February 1857 with Friedrich Schumm & his wife serving as his sponsors. Jakob’s parents were both Germany immigrants.

Jakob Schumm died at 7:00 in the morning of 6 August 1858. He was only 1 year, 5 months, and 10 days, according to Zion Schumm’s records. He was buried on the 7th.

Jakob Wilhelm Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. (2012 photo by Karen)

Jakob’s parents George Martin and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm had a total of 13 children:
Jacob “Frederick” (1839-1927), married Maria Germann
Louis M (Sr) (1840-1922), married Mina Domke
George M (Rev) (1841-1917), married Charlotte Breuninger; married Amalia Justine Markworth
John (1843-1864)
Anna “Rosina” (1845-1928), married John Roehm
Margaretha Barbara (1847-1851)
Marie “Mary” (1849-c1876), married Claus Peters
George “Jacob’ (1851-1895), married Caroline G “Lena” Kellerman
George “Christian” (1852-1895)
George Henry “H G” (1854-1939), married Anna Roehm; married Wilhelmina “Mina” Kroemer
Jacob Wilhelm (1857-1858)
Jacob “Martin” (1859-1909), married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Ehrenmann
Anna Magdelina “Sophia” (1862-1924)

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The Nativity, on wood.