Duckcreek Church Members Received & Removed, 1890-1898

Continuing on with the Duckcreek Church [1] records that I have, below are the Duckcreek Church members who were received and removed from 1890-1898.

This information includes the person’s name, whether married [M] or single [S], class [Cl], received, received by whom, how removed, and occasionally some remarks. However, very little information was given for most of the individuals. 

The abbreviation prob was used several times and likely refers to probationary members, those seeking full church membership.

Duckcreek Church members who were received and removed, 1890-1898:

Chilcoat, Charles; M; Class 1; deceased
Chilcoat, Catharine; M; Cl 1; removed by death; died in great peace
Case, Jasper; M; Cl 3
Case, John; M; Cl 6
Case, Catharine; M; Cl 6
Counterman, A.M.; M; Cl 1; removed by death
Counterman, Mrs.; M; Cl 1; trans to Willshire
Cross, Elonzo; M; Cl 1; removed by death; trans to Willshire
Cross, Lu__; M; Cl 1; removed without letter; trans to Willshire
Christy, Calinda; M; Cl 4
Carr, L.B.; M; received by transfer Oct 1890; gone without letter
Counterman, Jacob; M; trans back to Willshire from Fletcher
Cross, Mollie; [NG]; removed by death
Case, Maude; S; received from prob 12 Jun 1892 by L.G. Herbe
Chilcote, Eliza; M; Cl 4
Case, Judson; M; Cl 6
Case, Mrs. Judson; M; Cl 6
Counterman, Emma; M; Cl 1; transfer to Willshire
Chilcote, Idora; M; Cl 7; received from prob 12 Jun 1898 by J.S. Snodgrass
Chilcote, Joshua; M; received from prob 19 Jun 1898 by J.S. Snodgrass; Fletcher Chapel
Chilcote, James; M; Fletcher Chapel
Chilcote, Calista; M; Fletcher Chapel

Concerning the last 3 entries, Fletcher Chapel was written under Remarks and it was not specified whether they transferred to or from Fletcher Chapel. There is a Fletcher Chapel Methodist Church in Millersport, Fairfield County, Ohio, but I do not know if this is the church they were referring to.

Also, there is a Fletcher Cemetery on Clayton Road in Willshire Township and several Chilcotes/Chilcoats are buried there. At least a couple of them attended Duckcreek Church. According to Van Wert County Cemetery Inscriptions Vol. V, by the Van Wert Chapter OGS, Charles Chilcoat (1819-1898) and his wife Catharine Chilcoat (1821-1898) are buried at Fletcher Cemetery in Van Wert County. Both are mentioned in the records above. James W Chilcote (1850-1911) and his wife Sarah C (1850-1905) are also buried there. This could be the couple recorded above with the Fletcher Chapel notation. Joshua M Chilcote (1804-1880) is also buried at Fletcher Cemetery but his vital dates do not coincide with the Duckcreek records.

Now I wonder if there was once a church associated with Fletcher Cemetery. Do any readers know? A local Fletcher Chapel would make more sense than the Fletcher Chapel in Millersport.  

There is a very short entry of the 1882 Probationers:
Benjamin Frank, M; Middleberry [residence]; received 29 Aug 1882 by L.E. Prentiss
Mattie Goens, S; [no further information]

[1] Duckcreek Church was established in 1858. A frame church was built about 1868 and was located a couple miles north of Chatt on State Route 49 in Mercer County, Ohio. The church was destroyed by a tornado in 1920 and was never rebuilt. Many of its members joined the Chattanooga Methodist Church after their church was destroyed.

Tombstone Tuesday-Wreath/Garland Symbol

A wreath or garland symbol on a tombstone symbolizes victory, victory in death, glory, redemption, eternity, and immortality.

Wreath symbol on zinc tombstone.

Wreaths and garlands date back to the ancient Olympic games in Greece, where the victor was given an olive leaf wreath or crown. Christians adapted the symbol to represent victory over death and eternal life.

Wreath symbol.

Wreath symbol.

Wreath symbol on zinc marker.

Wreaths on mausoleum doors.

Wreath stained glass window in mausoleum.

Jacob Miller’s Final Years in Germany

This week, taking a break from the Duckcreek Church records, some information about my paternal great-grandfather Johann “Jacob” Miller. Information about his last couple of years in Bierbach, before immigrating to America in 1871.

Miller history is on my mind because our Miller reunion is this coming weekend. Our reunion, for the descendants of Jacob’s son [and my grandfather] Carl Miller and his wife Gertrude (Brewster) Miller, will be good this year since we did not have a reunion in 2020. It will be nice to see everyone again.

My great-grandfather Jacob Miller [Mueller in German] was born 7 March 1843 in Bierbach, Kingdom of Bavaria, the son of Johann and Marie (Kessler) Mueller. He was baptized on 12 March 1843 at Kirkel-Neuhausel.

Jacob Miller (1843-1918).

Family history tells us that Jacob married and was widowed in Germany before immigrating to America in 1871. I did not have the all the details of this until recently. has various German church and civil records in their World Explorer subscription and I can look through those records myself. I usually like to focus on church records but the church records where Jacob attended are not available on-line yet. However, the civil records from Jacob’s hometown of Bierbach are on-line.

The civil records are a good second choice even though they include a lot of writing that is difficult for me to translate. But I am able to decipher enough to get some information about Jacob’s life before he immigrated.

Jacob Miller was married before he immigrated to America. Jacob, age 26, married Sophia Goelzer, 23, on 25 May 1869. Sophia was born in Bierbach 31 July 1845, the daughter of Johann Nicolaus Friedrich and Katharine (Mueller) Goelzer. Sophia had a twin brother Carl and they were the sixth and seventh of eight children. Sophia and her twin brother Carl were both baptized 1 August 1841 at Kirkel-Neuhausel. Her brother Carl died two days later, on 3 August 1845.

A baby was born to Jacob and Sophia (Goelzer) Miller about a year after their marriage. Their daughter, named Katharina, was born 8 May 1870. Sophia, age 24, died three days later, on 11 May 1870 and was buried at Neuhaus. Baby Katharina was baptized at the Evangelical Church at Essingen on 13 May 1870. Katharina died 27 May 1870, 19 days after her birth, and was buried on the 28th.

I also learned about Sophia’s parents from the on-line records. Although this line did not continue in my family tree, I still find it interesting to learn about this family. Plus it is good practice for my German research/translating skills.

Sophia’s father Johann Nicolaus Friedrich Goelzer was born in Bierbach 28 May 1801 and died there 30 January 1880. He was the son of Wilhelm Goelzer (1760-1802) and Susanna Elizabeth Wern (1765-1808).

Johann Nicolaus Goelzer married Katharine Mueller in Mimbach on 8 September 1826.

Katharine (Mueller) was born in Ernstweiler 27 November 1804 and died in Bierbach 8 January 1881.

Katharine Mueller was the daughter of Johann Christian Mueller (1763-1823) and Anna Sophia Hamm (1768-1834).

Johann Nicolaus and Katharine (Mueller) Goelzer had the following children:

Christian (1826-1900)
Katharine Louise (1831-1913)
Margaretha (1835-?)
Jacob (1838-1926)
Peter (1842-1916)
Carl (1845-1845)
Sophia (1845-1870), married Jacob Miller in 1869
Friedrich (1849-?)

I wondered if Jacob and Sophia were related since Sophia’s mother was a Mueller, but it does not appear that they were related. Mueller was a very common name in Germany. 

1870 continued to be a tragic year for Jacob Miller. Jacob’s father Johann Mueller died in Bierbach on 14 October 1870. Less than a year later Jacob Miller immigrated to America.

These events, along with the fact that Jacob’s uncle Christian Kessler had already settled near Chattanooga, Ohio, may have influenced Jacob to immigrate with his widowed mother Marie (Kessler) Miller and his two sisters, Catharine (Miller) Linn and Margaret (Miller) Linn. They sailed from the port of Bremen 31 May 1871 and arrived at the port in New York 15 June 1871.

Hopefully I will learn more family history as I go through more of these German records. 

Tombstone Tuesday-Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm

Anna M (Roehm) Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. (2012 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm, located in row 7 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Anna M.
Ehefrau von
H.G. Schumm
24 Mai 1857
23 Sept 1901

Anna M., wife of H.G. Schumm, born 24 May 1857, died 23 September 1901.

Anna M. Roehm was born 24 May 1857 in Tully Township, Van Wert County, Ohio. [1] She was the daughter of Andreas and Catharine (Bienz) Roehm. Her baptism is not recorded in Zion Lutheran Schumm’s records and the family likely attended a different local church.

The Andrew Roehm family in 1860: Andrew Roehm, 45, Wuerttemberg; Mary, 18; John, 16; Elizabeth, 14; Jacob, 13; Christian, 11; Henry, 9; Emanuel, 7; and Anna, 3. [2] The wife and mother Catharine (Bienz) Roehm had died in 1858.

The Andrew Roehm family in 1870: Andrew Roehm, 56; Friedericke, 43; Jacob, 23; Henry, 19; Emanuel, 16; Anna, 13; Charles Reddig, 18; Mary Reddig, 16; John Reddig, 13; and Frederick Reddig, 11. [3] Widower Andrew Roehm had married widow Friedericke (Gutheil) Reddig in 1860.

Anna Roehm married Henry G. Schumm on 1 April 1879 at her parents’ home. Their marriage is recorded in Zion Schumm’s records and it appears Anna joined Zion Schumm after their marriage, where their five children were baptized. Henry G. was the son of George Martin and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm, both immigrants.

In 1880 Henry G. and Anna (Roehm) Schumm resided in Willshire Township but they had no children at the time the census was taken.  

The Henry G. Schumm family in 1900: Henry, 45; Anna M, 43; Amelia, 19; Annie W, 17; Henrietta, 15; Walter E, 11; Esther, 6; and Marie Schumm, 79, mother [Henry’s mother, Marie (Pflueger) Schumm]. [4]

Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm died of typhoid on 23 September 1901, at the age of 44 years, 3 months, and 20 days. She was buried on the 25th.  

Anna M (Roehm) Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert Co. (2012 photo by Karen)

1901 was a tragic year for the Henry G. Schumm family. Two of their daughters also died of typhoid in the following months, Anna Wilhelmine in October and Henrietta in November.

Henry and Anna had the following children:
Maria Amalia (1880-1946), married John Henry “Hugo” Schumm
Anna Wilhemina (1883-1901)
Henrietta Clara (1885-1901)
Walter Emanuel (1888-1967), married Erna Theresa Schumm
Esther Emilie (1893-1983), married Amos C. Schumm

Widower Henry G. “H.G.” Schumm (1854-1939) married widow Wilhelmina (Kroemer) Limecooley on 23 November 1904 in Allen County, Indiana. [5] There were no children born to them.

There was another Henry Schumm in the area, known as “River Henry” (1844-1922), who also had a family with young children during this same time period.

[1] Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm death/burial record, Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio.

[2] 1860 U.S. Census, Willshire, Van Wert, Ohio, p.427, dwelling 1099, family 1093, Andrew Rackin; digital image, ( : viewed 19 Jul 2021).

[3] 1870 U.S. Census, Willshire, Van Wert, Ohio, p.439A, dwelling 132, family 133, Andrew Roehm; digital image, ( : viewed 19 Jul 2021).

[4] 1900 U.S. Census, Willshire, Van Wert, Ohio, ED 97, p.10, dwelling 193, family 203, Henry G Schumm; digital image, ( : viewed 19 Jul 2021).

[5] Indiana Marriages 1811-1959, Allen County, Indiana, Vol. 27:38, digital image, ( : accessed 10 December 2012).

Duckcreek Church Marriage Records, 1881-1891

Continuing on with the few Duckcreek Church [1] records that I have, the marriages that were recorded at the church from 1881-1891.

This marriage information includes the marriage date, the name of the groom and bride, and occasionally some additional information. The additional information, which I placed in parentheses ( ), includes where the person was from, where the person was born, and the groom’s occupation. I looked up a few things myself from other sources and placed that additional information in brackets [ ].

It appears that Rev. D.B. Rhinehart/Rinehart was Duckcreek’s minister during much of this time period.

Some couples obtained their marriage license in Van Wert County and others got their license in Adams County, Indiana.

Less information was recorded as time went on.

Duckcreek Marriages 1881-1891:

20 [22] Dec 1881            
James Banta (Willshire)
E—[Mary C. Exline] (Willshire) [2]

27 Apr 1882
L. [Leonidas] G. Brock (physician)
Hila B. Casto

10 Jan 1884       
Mr. James M. Johnson (Adams Co Ind; farmer)
Miss Ella May Hollinger (Adams Co Ind)

24 Apr 1884      
Samuel K Christy, M.D. (Decatur Ind; physician)
Mrs. Calinda J. Johnson (Willshire)

12 Nov 1885     
Charles E. Stall (Chicago Ill; b. Chicago Ill; restaurant)
Effie I. Pearce (Willshire; b. Willshire)

18 Nov 1885     
Daniel G. Barttson (Willshire; cabinet maker)
Ida C. Harper (Willshire; b. Willshire)

31 Jan 1886       
Henry Caffets (Mercer Co Oh; farmer)
Susan Lynch (Mercer Co Oh; b. Kentucky)

28 Mar 1886     
Melvil Davis (Bluffton Ind; b. Miami Co Oh; grocer)
Sarah J. Garrison (Bluffton Ind; b. Adams Co Ind)

17 Jun 1886      
Harrison M. Passwater (Willshire; b. Ohio; wagon maker)
Maggie Lynch (Willshire; b. Kentucky)

29 Sep 1886      
Charles J. Rollins (Ottawa Oh; b. Putnam Co Oh; carpenter/builder)
Leonore Patterson (Willshire; b. Decatur Ind)

19 Nov 1886     
James Melvin Roop (Willshire; b. Willshire; farmer)
Rosa Feasel (Willshire; b. Willshire)

7 Dec 1886        
James Q. Neptune (Decatur Ind; b. Adams Co Ind; dentist)
Clara Counterman (Willshire; b. Mercer Co Oh)

5 Jan 1887         
John H. Arnsworth (Willshire; laborer)
Lucinda Oakley (Willshire)                        

8 Feb 1887        
Samuel J. Vining (Mercer Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh; teacher)
Adda Ellsworth (Mercer Co Oh;  b. Kossuth Oh)

6 Mar 1887       
Thomas M. Thorpe (Willshire; farmer)
Mary F. Allspaw (Willshire) [3]                                              

18 Jun 1887      
M. Elmer Johnson (Darke Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh; farmer)
Miss Mary E. Springer (Black[creek] Twp Mercer Co)

25 Jun 1887      
Jesse Foster (Ind; retired farmer)
Sarah J. Detro (Willshire; b. Pennsylvania)

29 Oct 1887      
Jonah Tice (Willshire; RR worker) 
Susan J. Jackson

10 Nov 1887     
Albert M. Smith (Mercer Co Oh; farmer)
Millie Bellis (Mercer Co Oh; b. Allen Co Oh)

20 Nov 1887     
John E. Rinaker (Mercer Co Oh; b. Champaign Co Oh; farmer)
Mary C. Myers (Adams Co Ind; b. Adams Co Ind)

31 Dec 1887      
Wm. F. Detro (Mercer Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh; farmer)
Anna Vining (Mercer Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh)

5 Jan 1888 [Indiana License]
Andy D. Artman (Portland Ind; b. Ohio; farmer)
Mary E. Cottrill (Adams Co Ind; b. Allen Co Oh)

28 Feb 1889      
J.S. Fisher
Miss Ida C. Kuhn

5 [6] Mar 1889 [Ind license; marr by J.W. Hill]
Mr. [McClellan] Tague
Miss Martha Dobson

[11 Jul 1889]
Mr. [Charles J.] Gibson
Mrs. India Mills

21 Jul 1889        
Jacob Counterman
Miss Emma Snyder

[21 Dec] 1889 [Adams Co Ind license; marr by J.W. Hill] 
U.G. [Ulysses Grant] Denman
Miss Francis Neptune

Joseph Bowen
Miss Ina Denman

[12 Jun] 1890 [Adams Co Ind license; marr by A.J. Hill JP]             
Mr. [Otholie N.] Tindall
Miss Anna Wechter

[1] Duckcreek Church was established in 1858. A frame church was built about 1868 and was located a couple miles north of Chatt on State Route 49 in Mercer County, Ohio. The church was destroyed by a tornado in 1920 and was never rebuilt. Many of its members joined the Chattanooga Methodist Church after their church was destroyed.

[2] “Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-2016, Van Wert, Vol. 6, p.129, James D Banta & Mary C Exline, 22 Dec 1881;  ( : viewed 29 Jun 2021).

[3] There was no return for their license.