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Co. E, 89th Indiana Voluntary Infantry Roster

Last week I told about Hallot Bryan’s Civil War service. He served in Company E of the 89th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and died of dysentery on 13 September 1863 in Memphis, Tennessee. Hallot is buried in Memphis National Cemetery.

89th Indiana Infantry Roster.

89th Indiana Infantry Roster.

Company E of the 89th Indiana Infantry was organized at Indianapolis and mustered in 28 August 1862. Most volunteers in Company E were from Jay County, Indiana. Below is the roster of the enlisted men and recruits of Company E, their residence, and some additional information about some of the soldiers.

89th Indiana Infantry Roster.

89th Indiana Infantry Roster.

White, Frederick W; Lancaster, First Sergeant
Hall, Joseph L; New Corydon, Sergeant
Eblin, Joseph; Salamonie, Sergeant
Wright, Aaron W; Salamonie, Sergeant
Jackson, John W; Jay C. H, Sergeant
Peterson, William S; Jay C. H, Corporal (Died 6 February 1865)
Loy, Adam; Salamonie, Corporal (Died at St. Louis, Mo., 6 October 1864)
Stratton, Stephen A; N. Mt. Pleasant, Corporal (Died at Fort Pickering, Tenn., 10 Aug 1863)
Myers, William D; N. Mt Pleasant, Corporal
O’Harra, Charles T; New Corydon, Corporal
Arbaugh, Perry; Westchester, Corporal
Adams, David W; Westchester, Corporal
Broughman, Elijah; College Corners, Corporal

Cloud, Jonathan; Hector, Musician
Ogden, John; Bear Creek, Musician
Way, Philo P; New Corydon, Wagoner

Arnold, David S; Westchester
Armentrout, Daniel; New Corydon
Armentrout, John; New Corydon
Athy, John C; N. Mt. Pleasant (Killed at Yellow Bayou, 18 May 1864)
Arbaugh, George W; Westchester
Adams, William T; Westchester
Boyles, David; Hector (Died at St. Louis, Mo., 18 March 1863)
Broughman, Daniel; College Corner (Died at Memphis, Tenn., 8 December 1862)
Brewington, George M; Hector
Beard, John C; Salamonie
Bryan, Hallot; Westchester (Died at Memphis, Tenn., 13 September 1863)
Bartmas; Abraham, New Corydon
Beason, George W; N. Mt. Pleasant (Killed at Pleasant Hill, La., 9 Apr 1864)
Bonecutter, John; N. Mt. Pleasant
Blackburn, Joseph; N. Mt. Pleasant
Barr, Stephen; N. Mt. Pleasant
Buckingham, Elias; New Corydon
Bergman, Absalom; Hector
Castle, Tomas; Jay
Clawson, Josiah; Jay
Clawson, Garrett; Jay
Corwin, Cornelius; N. Mt. Pleasant
Cook, Peter, M; N. Mt. Pleasant
Conkel, John A; Jay
Delph, Fountain; N. Mt. Pleasant
Evilsizer, Minor; Jay
Evilsizer, Lafayette; Jay (Died at Fort Pickering, Tenn., 23 May 1863)
Elliott, Jesse; N. Mt. Pleasant
Fifer, Benjamin; Westchester
Glasford, George W; Hector
Gilbert, William; Jay
Gray, Joseph; Linnville (Killed at Yellow Bayou, 18 May 1864)
Houser, Lewis; New Corydon
Haffner, William R; Bear Creek
Hudson, Benjamin J; N. Mt. Pleasant (Died at Memphis, Tenn., 3 August 1863)
Henry, George; N. Mt. Pleasant (Died 12 April 1864; wounds; in hands of enemy.)
Hilton, John W; N. Mt Pleasant (Never mustered into the service)
Henry, William; N. Mt. Pleasant
Hanlin, John G; Hector
Isenhart, Silas; College Corner (Died 7 July 1863)
Jetter, John D; Jay
Jackson, Joseph; Salamonie
Jones, Samuel W; New corydon
James, Jesse; N. Mt. Pleasant ( Died 22 May 1863)
Kelley, Francis M; Westchester
Loofborrow, Jasper N; New Corydon
Landers, Henry; New Corydon
Lewis, Chester; New Corydon
Loper, Christopher; N. Mt. Pleasant

Enlisted Men of Co. E, 89th Indiana Infantry

Enlisted Men of Co. E, 89th Indiana Infantry

McFarland, Robert W; N. Mt. Pleasant (Died 20 July 1865)
Mason, William H; Hector
Morehouse, Charles A; Hector
Morrical, Mahlon; N. Mt. Pleasant
Morrical, Adam; N. Mt. Pleasant
Meck, George W; N. Mt. Pleasant (Killed at Bayou Lamour, 7 May 1864)
McKibben, William; N. Mt. Pleasant (Never mustered into the service)
McLaughlin, William; N. Mt. Pleasant (Never mustered into the service)
Moore, James M; New Corydon (Never mustered into the service)
Miller, Ebenezer; New Corydon
Nidey, Timothy; N. Mt. Pleasant
Poling, Daniel; Bear Creek
Powers, Henry C; N. Mt. Pleasant
Premer, Samuel; Westchester
Ross, John G; Jay
Rantz, Isaac; Salamonie
Roshong, Daniel; Westchester
Sanders, William K; Bear Creek
Shane, William; New Corydon
Scott, Louton; N. Mt. Pleasant
Swyhart, George W; N. Mt. Pleasant
Snider, Franklin; New Corydon
Skinner, William; New Corydon (Never mustered into the service)
Sager, Levi; Westchester
Sigler, William; Hector (Killed at Yellow Bayou, 18 May 1864)
Tinkle, Jeremiah, F; N. Mt Pleasant
Walter, Washington; New Corydon
Warnock, Francis; Salamonie (Killed in skirmish, Fort Blakely, 5 April 1865)
Wible, William; Jay C. H
Wible, Robert; Jay C. H
Wible, Jacob; Jay C. H
Williams, Joseph; Jay C. H
Young, Robert; New Corydon (Died 5 Mar 1863)

Bergman, Hawey (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Kelly, William S.
Loofbanoro [sic], Elias
Money, Jacob
Miller, John Y (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Metzner, William T. (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Montgomery, George G. (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Meed, Nathaniel (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Premer, Isaac (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Siberry, William R. (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Siberry, Thomas J. (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Stanley, James B. (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865)
Stratton, Timothy L.
Teeters, Jacob
Wilson, Judson C. (Transferred to 26th Reg. 19 June 1865) [1]

The 89th Regiment lost 6 officers and 55 enlisted men who were killed and mortally wounded and 3 officers and 188 enlisted men to disease, for a total of 252 fatalities. [2]


[1] Company E Roster, 89th Indiana Infantry, digital images at Internet Archive (https://archive.org/details/reportindiana06dougrich : accessed 4 June 2014), from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana, Vol. 6, 1861-1865, W.H.H. Terrell, Adjutant General, Indiana, 1866.

[2] The Civil War Archive, Union Regimental Histories, Indiana, http://www.civilwararchive.com/Unreghst/unininf7.htm#89th, accessed 4 June 2014.



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  1. eric gilbert

    My 2nd great grandfather was William McClellan Gilbert who was a private in Company E, 89th Infantry from Jay County, Indiana. Prior to this he was a farmer and served a full 3 years in the Civil War for the Union Army before being disbanded in August 1965 in Mobile, Alabama. He died in 1911 in Nebraska. I am interested in any pictures of this Company.

    1. Karen

      Your great-grandfather may have known Hallet Bryan. I also wish I had some photos from this company. I only have the history that I learned from on-line. Thanks for writing!

  2. eric gilbert

    Probably so. Considering the amount of men who died from disease and gunshot wounds, it was astounding my great grandfather survived and lived to 74. Apparently the infantry walked from Indianapolis to Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana to fight and back. 20 miles a day. Please contact me if you run across any pictures and I’ll do the same. Thanks.

    1. Karen

      Will do, and please remember me if you find any photos.

  3. Tim Guiden

    After researching my family I am beginning my wife’s side of the family. John Armantrout (proper spelling) was her great-great-grandfather. He married Hannah (no maiden name yet) Armantrout. I have a photo of the two of them from 6 July 1919, and one of his headstone at Grave Hill Cemetery, west of Bryant, Indiana. We also have a large clock he supposedly carried home in a gunny sack from his time in the south, a gift for his soon-to-be bride. The date of the clock would work, but it was manufactured in Boston at a time it would have had to have made it through blockades of the south. I will send any further information I find.

    1. Karen

      Thank you. Interesting information.

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