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  1. Travis Bates

    Hi Karen. My grandma and grandpa Ernest and Inez Baker. I grew up on Tama road, son of don Bates and Nacy Baker Bates. Grandma was a Miller from New Cordyn and Grandma Fern Miller was a Huey, married to Perry Miller. Are these Huey’s part of the same?


    Travis Bates

    1. Karen

      Hi Travis! Yes, our Hueys are connected. (Our Millers are not.) I found Perry and Fern’s marriage record, which gives their parents’ names. It appears that Imo “Fern” Huey was the daughter of Troy and Bertha (Holmes) Huey. Troy was the son of Jonas (1833-1909) and Susanna (Bishop) Huey. The Hueys came from Pennsylvania and their relationships are complicated, but interesting. According to my Roots Magic genealogy program, I am a third cousin 3 times removed AND a fourth cousin 3 times removed AND a fifth cousin 2 times removed to Fern Huey. Our common ancestors are Jonas & Elisabeth Huey; Jonas & Unknown; and Elizabeth. That would be the older Jonas Huey (1769-1848). As I said, the Huey/Bryan/Whiteman relationships are complicated.
      PS-I went to school with your Uncle Bill.

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