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  1. taylor schumm

    well i was just curious about my relatives and my family tree and stumbled upon youre site.. my oldest schumm relative that i know isjay schumm, who is my dad and grandpas name.

    1. Karen

      Nice to hear from you. We updated the Schumm genealogy last year but we do not have a Jay Schumm in our book. You may descend from another Schumm line. I know there are other Schumms across that state that we are not directly related to. We may have common ancestors farther back in Germany. Our Schumms were originally from Ruppertshofen, Wuerttemberg and they immigrated in 1833. I hope you get some helpful information here.

  2. Karen Keller Henderson

    Hello, I just came across your website and was curious to look at the family tree. My Grandfather, Hugo Merkle’s parents were Charles Merkle and Clara Schumm. Clara’s parents were Henry Schumm and Rosina Schinner. That’s the only information I have for them – no birth or death dates of where they lived or any other relative’s information. I do know that Hugo was born in and died in Van Wert Co., Ohio.

    1. Karen

      You are in the right family! Rosina Schinnerer (1854-1890) was Henry Schumm’s first wife. Henry (1844-1922) was known as River Henry around the Willshire/Schumm area. I have written several blog posts about this family, one about River Henry and his second wife Magdalena (Geisler), posted on 20 November 2012. Rosina Schinnerer’s father was my gr-gr-grandfather Friedrich Schinnerer, from his first wife Mary Deier. I descend from Freidrich and his second wife Elizabeth Schumm. I have also written a lot about Friedrich Schinnerer. The best way for you to find the information I wrote would be to use the search feature in the upper right of my Home Page. Thanks for writing and I hope I provided some information about the families.

  3. Ella Davarpanah

    Hi! I was doing my family tree on another website and was searching around for different names to see what records I could find. I found this website and saw that we both have Friedrich Schinnerer in our ancestry. He is my great (x4) grandfather. He was married to Margaretha Deier in Cleveland, Ohio, and their daughter Anna Rosine Schinnerer is how I am related.

    1. Karen

      Yes, we certainly share Friedrich Schinnerer as an ancestor. He was my great-great-grandfather. I do not know much about his first marriage but would like to know more and will e-mail you privately. Thanks for writing and I hope you find the information about Friedrich interesting.

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