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  1. Kate Eichler

    These are some really good photos, most of them I have never seen before. Thanks to Brain for sending them to you Karen, and for you posting them. I really like your site, so much information.

  2. Brina K. Brewster

    Karen I just found out that the girl to the immediate right of Bernice in the grade school picture is Elva. That is as you are looking at the picture. Thought you might like to know the update. Brian

    1. Karen

      Thanks Brian! Your help is always appreciated.

      1. Frank D Brewster

        First pictures I have seen of my great grandfathers brothers.
        I have a note that says there were two sisters, names unknown.
        Frank Brewster

  3. Brooke F.

    Oh one more thing… the photo clear on the bottom of the page in the middle (with the three women and one man sitting on a bench) has an error in the caption. The young woman on the far right is my great aunt “Martha,” daughter of Emma Brewster. Thanks!

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