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  1. Brian Brewster

    Love the new pictures of the family. I especially like the oval one of Emily and the large pastel. Theat is really in quite good condition for its age.

  2. Lyn Richey

    Thank you for sharing all the photos of family.
    I really love the pictures of my gg-grandparents Jonas and Elizabeth Huey and the kids.

    Anyone wanting to contact me is welcome to at: pettyfan67@comcast.net

    1. Karen

      You are welcome! I also enjoy these old photos. I would love to hear more about Jonas and Elizabeth Huey sometime. Thanks for writing.

  3. Shiela Reed

    Thank you for sharing all of these photos of the Bryan/Huey families. And for the information about them. My sister and were thrilled to find these photos on your website. We would love to hear from any and all Bryan/Huey/Whiteman relatives. Contact me at sreed63@att.net or my sister Lyn, (comment above).
    Thank you again.

    1. Karen

      You are welcome, Shiela! I would also like to hear any of your memories or additional information about the family. This is an interesting family and I, too, enjoy the photos that have survived.

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