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  1. David M. Schindler

    Good evening Mrs. Bennett,

    I just stumbled on your site while researching Bruno Betzel former baseball player for the St Louis Cardinals.Mr. Betzel lived 7 houses down the street from my childhood home in Celina. I grew up in Celina; my dad had a Rexall Drugstore on the corner of Main and Market Streets in Celina.. I used to see Mr Betzell all the time in the summer as he drove down Brandon Avenue to and from his Celina home.

    I loved and played baseball when I was a kid. I remember my mom telling me about Mr. Betzell when I was a kid and that I should stop him some time to talk about his playing days. Unfortunately, I never did. Too shy I guess.

    In any case, I am looking for a photo of Mr. Betzell, preferably in his St Louis uniform.I know there are photos out there as I have seen them on line.There is one with the 1916 Cardinal team and another baseball-type card of Betzel.I have a large collection of original Baseball memorabilia and would like to add Mr. Betzell to the collection.

    Do you have any ideas or connections that might help me find photos of Bruno Betzel? Please let me know.



    Dave Schindler

    1. Karen

      That is so interesting that you lived so close to Bruno Betzel and that you remember seeing him! Thank you for sharing your memories. Unfortunately I am not able to help you locate a photo of him in uniform. Like you, I have seen some photos on-line but I would not know where to find any in person. Thank you for writing and the best of luck in your search.

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