Military Veterans

Revolutionary War

Christian Whiteman (1762-1827)
Private, Berks County 6th Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia

James Phillips (1756-1811)
Commander of Sloop General Lee, Maryland Navy

War of 1812

Nicholas Headington (1790-1856)
Maryland Militia

Civil War

Daniel Brewster (1845-1917)
Private, Co E, 80th OVI

James Henry Brewster (1841-1916)
Sergeant, Co E, 80th OVI

Hallet Bryan (1836-1863)
Private, Co E, 89th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Killed in Memphis, Tennessee, buried in Memphis National Cemetery

Nimrod Headington (1827-1913)
Colonel, 34th Indiana Infantry

John Wesley Headington (1833-1911)
Colonel, 100th Indiana Regiment


Herbert M. Miller
Private, 84th Division, 333rd Regiment, Co. L, The Railsplitters
Battle of the Bulge
Purple Heart
2 Bronze Stars

Viet Nam

Corey Wayne Ellenberger (1946-1967)
Private First Class, Rifleman, Co. L, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division
Killed in action in South Vietnam
(Second cousin)


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