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2013 FGS Conference Ambassador

2013 FGS Conference Ambassador

The 2013 FGS Conference is less than three months away now. This is one of two national genealogy conferences that I try to attend if relatively close. This year’s FGS conference is in Fort Wayne, close enough for me to drive every day.

The May/June blog post prompt for conference ambassadors is “How will you use your time at FGS 2013 to help your genealogical research?”

With the early-bird deadline looming a few weeks away, I have been looking at the registration booklet, trying to select sessions of interest to me. What do I plan to focus on at this conference that will help me with my research?

For one, I finally plan to learn about DNA testing and how the results can be used for genealogy. There are several sessions on this topic at the conference. In fact, there is a whole track about genetics on Thursday.

I guess I have avoided learning about the whole DNA/genealogy connection but I think it is time for me to learn what DNA test information might tell me about my ancestral families and how it might help with my research. Plus, now that our DNA test results are pending I am eager to see how the Brewster branch of my family compares to other Brewsters who have submitted DNA samples.

After my intense DNA studies I plan to attend sessions on technology and Internet genealogy research. New records are being added to websites all the time and I hope to learn about new content on familiar websites. I also want to learn about new websites and those that I am not familiar with. I should be able to get some of the latest technical information while going through the exhibit hall and by networking with other attendees.

Although the above two items will be my main focus at the conference I also want to learn some new research techniques and strategies as well as some historical information about the areas in which my ancestors lived.

This year’s FGS conference, “Journey Through Generations,” will be held 21-24 August at the Grand Wayne Center, across the street from the Allen County Public Library, one of the best genealogy libraries in the country. I will do my Allen County Library research another time since I live so close. But it is well worth a research visit for conference attendees from farther away.

The conference is hosted by the Allen County Public Library and the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana. The registration deadline for the early bird discount, a $50 savings, is July 1st. Conference registration is open and I need to register soon…



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  1. Tell me more about this DNA matching. Who does the tests? What is the cost? How long does it take? Is there an automatic comparison with stored data files?

    Your post would suggest that you have submitted samples. Can you share any of the background? Whose samples, ie yours, your Mother, etc. In other words will there be enough family members to establish a genetic map of sorts? Do you get actual DNA profiles or just the computer comparisons?

    1. I went through Family Tree DNA, Their website should answer many of your questions. I do not have the results back yet, but it looks like it will take about 2 months. I am having the Y-DNA tested and I got the DNA sample from a male relative to compare with the DNA of other Brewsters. I hope to learn where our Brewsters came from and if we are connected to the Mayflower Brewsters. I believe Family Tree DNA compares the results with all other samples that have been submitted. They also have many surname groups and I joined the Brewster Group. It is interesting and I am considering sending a sample in from Joe and myself. And as I said in my post, I hope to learn a lot more about the whole process at the FGS Conference in August.

  2. Thank you. Very interesting.

  3. While I will probably never attend one of these conferences myself (then again who knows), it is really enjoyable and educational to have you share your experience. I have learned a great deal from your postings that make my casual interest in family history much more productive. Of course it is very benefitial that your family and mine overlap so much, but your work has been very inspiring and uplifting. Although the reality is a bit more painful and intense, it is rather normal to create a positive rememberance, though not necessarily instructive to our own dealing with troubles and hardship (ie if we sugar coat history it is the same and having no history and being doomed to repeating it, or so the history teachers always say). On the other hand it is all too easy to dwell on the evil as it becomes gossip, drama and half truths that sustain feuds, hatered and lies. With every family, indeed every person, having a unique perspective, the truth can be an illusive bird.

    Nonetheless, your work here opens many doors to rememberance, growth and opportunity. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the nice comments. I really appreciate them!

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